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Part 3: Measuring the UFCW, The Character of the UFCW

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Post Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 5:55 pm

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III. Measuring the UFCW: Assessing the Character of the UFCW

..."Yes the new United Food and Commercial Workers International Union is a ‘big’ union ­ around 1.3
million members strong ­­ the largest union affiliated with the AFL­CIO. But with the increasing trend
towards market concentration ‘big’ makes us strong enough to protect our members rights to a job;
‘big makes us strong enough to successfully handle employees grievances and ‘big’ makes us strong
enough to fight for legislation that will protect all workers.”
[emphasis added]

In 2009 the UFCW will be marking the 30th anniversary of its formation. Its actions and
accomplishments, the tendencies in its development are clear.

Its character ­ what it has become as an organization, as a union ­ can be defined.

Part 3 - Measuring the UFCW, The Character of the UFCW

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Post Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:24 pm

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How are the unions going to grow?

When many of them are "OWNED" by the Employers.

When Officers are "BLACKMAILED" by the Employers.

When many Local Officers Destroy the Careers of the best Organizers who work under then for fear of being-unseated by new or Young Organizers and representative who are more talented and skilled at the organizing.

Many of these young organizers and representative have no idea of the treachery of those above them who are suppose to be on the same side- Legs are cut out from under the organizers before even knew they were a threat to those above.

Many Union leaders sabotage the union by "Killing the Seed before it grows", they do this out of fear of losing their jobs to those who might "Outshine Them" the result is the Labor Movement is the Labor Stagnant and we are left with leaders who are inferior to what we might have had if the natural process and progression of the young to the old guard.

Now this Corruption, Nepotism, Greed -selfishness has taken us from 16 % Union Member to 5 to 7% union membership in less than 15 years.

Now externally,

The United States need better Labor Law so people do not get terminated during organizing, I feel that anyone who interferes with a workers right to choose union representation commits a "HATE CRIME" and there should be Criminal punishment against any managers, employers or employer agents who break the law.

I have watched employers and their agents break the law with no teeth, but if these same acts were committed during a General Election for President and other public positions they would be a Felony!

Think of this, you are walking up to your pole to vote and your boss or supervisors was standing nearby and said "If you vote against us- Don't come to work again!

If you were told you vote the wrong way your fired now it would be a felony.

Why should it not be a felony or a HATE CRIME when workers go to vote in a NLRB election.

The Law needs Teeth and most unions needs to have the cancer and dead weight removed.

I have seen to many good organizers across the labor movement become naturalized into a un useful postion or ran out of the Labor movement by people who were on the same team.
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:07 pm

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SFway wrote:

On the basis of all of this, it is reasonable to conclude that in the past 30 years the UFCW has not engaged in a serious “organizing” strategy; it has developed no “culture” or tradition of organizing, no structure for “organizing the unorganized”, no personnel to undertake such a program. It has devoted no serious resources to organizing.

Such resources exist - hundreds of millions of dollars annually in revenue - but they have been directed into channels other than the real growth of organizing.

These resources - members’ money - has been directed especially towards the growth of the UFCW structure, into the evolution of the “New Class” of officers and staff, into salaries, pensions and benefits for this small group of individuals. The membership has neither grown nor have members seen improvements in their status and lives.

Interesting quote here SFway!

It brings up a question for me though....

If this is the case then why can UFCW Locals document on their LM2s that they are spending hundreds of thousands dollars on organizing?

I will use Local "ate's" 2007 LM2 to show you what I mean.

2007 LM2- http://i.b5z.net/i/u/1350838/h/ufcw_588_lm-2_2007.htm

Organizing expense reimbursement 01/15/2007 $42,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 02/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 03/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 04/15/2007 $6,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 05/15/2007 $30,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 06/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 07/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 08/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 09/15/2007 $18,000
Organizing expense reimbursement 10/15/2007 $18,000

Total Itemized Transactions $204,000
Total Non-Itemized Transactions $0
Total of All Transactions $204,000

Can someone please explain to me how this kind of money is being documented on the LM2 as an "Organizing expense" if no real organizing is going on? I know I'm just an uneducated grocery clerk but something here doesn't seem right to me!

"When people refuse to obey, then democracy comes alive."
Howard Zinn
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Post Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2008 6:39 pm

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What organizing went down in 2007?


In fact the UFCW Market Share dropped with all of the new non-union stores opening in the Central Valley.

I did notice NAMES on the LM report WOMEN on Staff at the local are still making LESS than their male counterparts and there are Hispanics but NO BLACK People maybe this would explain the ZERO Support for OBAMA from the Local.

You can always find things "HIDDEN" in a LM report but you have to know where to look and how they might Mislable something which is a Slap on the Hands from the DOL.

But Members would be up in arm if it read what it really meant.

Carlos Valenzuela

Is this the same Carlos Velenzuela that the "OLD MAN" hired around the year 2000?

The Old Man and I found him working as a Waiter at Biba's in downtown Sacramento and The Old Man did Hire the waiter named the same.

The Carlo I knew is a hard worker, but was not a full citizen and NEVER WORKED in the Retail Food Industry if this is the same guy?

How did a non-member with very little time in the Union and only as a paid rep. become a Vice President of the Local?

There are other people all related who have wages that have been granted out of senority with other UFCW Local workers.

They did not have the time in at the local nor did they have outside past work histories that would justify giving them excessive wages beyond other workers who had more time in at the local.

I remember Training people like Mike Gentry, Mike Perrin, The BERNS BROS and other and after I trained them they would be given wages that were $20,000 to $30,000 in excess of my wages and I had been there for years.

Even jokers hired because of the past and outside "Cocaine Connections" were give positions and high wages.

Now when you trust your boss or employer you never think to check up on things that you should not worry about thinking you have a "Friendship" with your employer.

If you did you would see the corruption in real time as it happens but sometimes even seeing it in the clear doen't make it understandble until a later time when the puzzle is done and you no longer trust the employer.

I did write a book called "Never Trust your Boss or Employer"

I spoke at Sierra College to a class about unions and work place issue.

All of those young kids were "Clueless" to how employers HERD their workers around, and you should never tell your employer anything PERSONAL off the job stuff they KEEP A WRITTEN RECORD to use against your interest in the future.

When Adam got back from Harvard Business training and was going to take over Retiring Lee Burns position I was waiting in his front room for him to come out and I was read a book from his Harvard Business class and it was about "How to manipulate your workforce"


The Book was written by the enemies of labor for mgt.
and here it was in the hands of a Loveall who a few years later attempt to use a passage on me while trying to get me back into the local's 401K.

But what organizing have they really done since throwing overboard ALL capabil organiziners from 588-8???

Most of the Nepotism CLOWNS hired after 1996 never won any NLRB elections or got card checks.

I wonder if all of the former 588 reps. got together and formed a New Retail Clerks Union how fast we could organize what 588 - ATE has ignored.

It would not be hard nor getting a first contact to maintain "Area Standards" since the Master Food Contact has been gone for so long....
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