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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 8:57 am

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#trumpisacrybaby. Gotta read it Go down at least 15 tweets.

scumbag has found a new Fauci. He's unreal.

Endless Corruption

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2020 2:47 pm

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Completely deranged and desperate.

This picture says it all.

texas: dropping 'like flies'

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2020 3:24 pm

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So, scumbag has been laying the groundwork 4 'rigged' election, again. He, certainly, does not want a mail-in ballot 4 a national election. That would eliminate voter suppression. Soooo, he floats the idea of postponing the election.
an, wait a minute.
and, R U better off? ad 40 sec

After 1 month in the hospital, herman cain is dead. Murder or suicide?
and, the lunacy of scumbag and his republican party is driving death in this country. 9+ min

FEC Commissioner tells scumbag he doesn't have the power 2 move the date of the election.
and, Pelosi responds

And, his fucking numbskull cultists think he's real. This country is fucked up.

Oust The Racists 1 min

A strong man's tale? Not at all. Not even close. scumbag is a coward, a bully, a scaredy cat--a blowhard, a loser, a punk. He's completely mentally ill--severely so. He's a traitor and does not care about the health and welfare of this country or it's people. 3 min

part 2
Michael Cohen will b allowed 2 publish his scumbag tell-all book while finishing his sentence under home confinement. Attorney general, slime trail bill barr, tried 2 prevent this. Wait 4 scumbag 2 freak out--act out.

Whoa! Totally right wing co-founder of the federalist society calls 4 immediate scumbag impeachment.

The pathetic fat ass twat called a 'surprise' press event the exact same time Obama eulogized Jon Lewis.
He is so tragically transparent. SAD! SICK! SORROWFUL!

It wasn't pathetically. embarrassing enough last time--scumbag goes 4 a 2fer. He may b the only 1 there. Little consolation. The whole world will c the unhinged nut job, anyway.

2 videos from Beau. Listen Up. Serious Business. Remember, he's always said he doesn't kid, and he always shows his hand. He's 2 impulsive/compulsive and mentally ill nor 2. 4+ min
and, it can happen here. 5 min

Desperate and getting more and more dangerous.

Billboard in phoenix.

part 3
Ironic, huh. Death by hoax.

Wanda Sykes...

NBA opener. As it should b. Bet this'll piss off the rancid sow.

NY Daily News cover: 3 men and a baby.

scumbag's favorite new doctor.
and, she's a reverend, also. She's as nuts as he is.
and, scumbag retweeted the quack

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:28 am

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National Geographic: Impotus Americanus. Right On! 1 min

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 12:44 pm

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Don Winslow ad. scumbag will say or do anything 2 get elected. There is nothing off the table 4 this puke. 2 min

Brianna Keilor: scumbag is soft on russia. He's not only soft, he's subservient. It's really like he's a russian agent. I believe he is a traitor 2 this country. 6+ min

scumbag is, again, attacking Dr. Fauci. Again, this mentally deranged, lying, delusional incompetent is claiming the more testing, the more cases and deaths. How in hell can anyone support this nut case loser?

scumbag booed on his way 2 his golf course this morning.

Was the intent of this inexplicable tweet a threat, a bribe, a promise, a spasm, or what? Twitter responses r great. He truly should have been put out of office when he was impeached. republican congress must b voted out--every fucking 1 of them. The suffering he/they have caused is gargantuan/catastrophic--and. he ain't done.

scumbag golfs/u die 1 min

Part 2
LTC Vindman serves his country; jared kushner, scumbag's son-in-law, sells out his country.
Glenn Kirshner 11 min

How scumbag broke America--economic collapse and horrific human suffering.

NBC Nightly News Full Broadcast. Good program 20 min

Trevor Noah reviews the week. 20 min

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 1:08 pm

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The great deal maker? Hardly. More like the great loser fuckup. He's an idiot--a legend in his own fucking mind. A phony, a poser. He's been a loser all of his life. He's weak and the only thing great about him is his limitless capacity 4 failure. His incompetence is breathtaking.

Stunningly hilarious. WTF!

In lieu of flowers...

part 2
The Lincoln Project: Moms 1 min

Ali Veshi tweet

part 3
Early U.S. pandemic timeline. 90% of lives could have been saved. scumbag, along with his money grubbing, worthless POS son-in-law, jared kushner, r guilty of crimes against humanity. 10 min

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:55 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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scumbag: the most dangerus cult leader of all time. 155,000 and counting. jim jones only killed 900. 5 min

Barron's (scumbag's kid) school will not b opening. Man, is he gonna have a legacy 2 live down. scumbag will go down in history as the worst president. The whole world hates him.

Exactly. 1 of the greatest mass murders of all time.

Holy shit! Holy, holy shit. These guys r something else.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:19 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
part 2, 8/3
This republican, "in a million years", thought it would never get this bad.
Knowing absolutely nothing about donnie bodybags prior, I made my determinations concerning his potential presidential performance from listening/watching him campaign. It didn't take long 2 c he is clinically insane. It was obvious 2 me he is a conman, a pathological liar, has zero values, a phony, a coward, an idiot, a predator, a sociopath, yada yada.
So many of these ppl in these testimonials hated Hillary Clinton so much, they took a chance on scumbag--the ultimate POS. 2 little, 2 late. The horrific damage is done, and the unhinged maniac still has 6 months. 3+ min

"almost say, definitely--almost immune". Just what the fuck does that mean?? Almost definitely??? Only scumbag would say something as ludicrous as that. It's meaningless. Only scumbag would wager your children, let alone u, to win an election. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, sacred 2 this vile POS. 11 min

part 3
Sack o shit threatens 2 sue the state of Nevada b/c they will b having their citizens vote by mail--during a pandemic.
Baby pissy pants is doing all he can do 2 destroy the post office in advance of the election.

donnie bodybags tried 2 stop it--at least, b/4 the election. No such luck. Netflix's Immigration Nation, a 6 part documentary, starts 2day.

scumbag is so openly corrupt. Quid pro quo is a way of life for him. Does anyone still believe he did not use this same tactic with Ukraine? Of course, he did. Everything with scumbag is a transaction. Everything is about money. He's the epitome of the 'what's in it for me' guy.

Just 1 big fat fucking liar. Lie, cheat, and steal. Lie, cheat, and steal. scumbag opens that anal hole on his big, fat, ugly, greasy orange face and spews lie after lie. Lie after lie--lies on top of lies. He is uniquely hideous and wretchedly foul. 1+ min

New House report reveals incompetence beyond all comprehension. Unbelievable, disastrous, horrific incompetence.

part 4
The stable genius' guide 2 American history. He's quite the history buff--not. 4 min

The biggest down turn of the economy in American history. And, that includes the great depression. Personally, I knew he had it in him all along. maga!

Seth Meyers 11 min

Nevada governor signs mail-in voting bill AFTER scumbag threatened 2 sue.

scumbag plan: attack legitimacy of the election WHILE undermining it. 3 min

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:23 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
Neil Young is suing scumbag 4 willful copyright infringement. Young repeatedly asked scumbag to refrain from using his music--repeatedly threatening suit unless scumbag campaign stopped.

Cards ad 32 sec

An absolute blithering idiot. Functionally retarded. What fucking person achieving the position of POTUS can not/does not know how 2 read Yosemite. He is an intellectual dullard. See 4 yourself. The disgrace is unbearable. 1+ min

This is the nearly 40 minute scumbag interview w/ Jonathon Swan/Axios. All he did was lie and bloviate. This just helped bury him a little bit more.

Guess which group was tear gassed.

Prosecutors find no links 2 antifa--despite what scumbag pushes.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:44 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
"It's under control". "It is what it is". This vile, disgusting, putrid life form will go down in American history comparable 2 Germany's hitler. The republicans that allowed this, and the and the cultists who support him have as mush blood on their hands as he does. 160,000 dead and counting and nowhere 2 go but up. But, hey, it is what it is. Anderson Cooper 10 min

Republican vets against scumbag. 1 min.

If someone who can't pronounce Yosemite can become president, kids can miss a few classes. 1 min

4 the 1st time, facebook removes a scumbag post b/c it is a lie.

New York is coming 4 the scumbag. This is how they got Al Capone (tax fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering). Can u say RICO. Finally.

Well, gee whiz, looky here, inquiring Scottish minds want 2 know.

part 2

Yowser, the bloated, ugly, malignant, greasy, whiny baby, serial lying, low IQ sow just got suspended from twitter--for lying about the health of our nation's children. Can't wait 2 c him blow up.

and, something like this. 1 min

"America is out of it's mind". Doctor's rant about opening schools.

part 3
That's right, scumbag wants 2 pick and choose which states can vote (during a pandemic!) by mail. He wants 2 pick and choose which voters can vote from the safety and and comfort of their homes and who has 2 go get in line (often times 4 many hours and in harsh weather conditions) and work voting around hectic schedules. Sounds like this c**t MFer is trying 2 suppress certain people from voting. 2 min
and, also, he is trying 2 pick and choose which state r going 2 pay for national guard deployments--2 the tune of millions. As it stands now, florida and texas don't have 2 pay. Both have deep ass licking governors, and he needs both states 2 win an election (they both have large electoral votes).
His corruption couldn't b any more obvious. But, he doesn't give a fuck how it looks. Cheating is a way of life 4 him. That's how he and his whole family survive.
4 min Beau of the 5th column

Mary Trump wants 2 charge her uncle with criminal liability/ negligent homicide. I would say, right on, but get in line. 2 min

The pukey princess: daddy's little empathizer. 2 min
and, her counter part: jar jar the failure 1 min

part 4
Seth Meyers 13 min

scumbag violated social media standards--and hes violating us. Chris Cuomo 11 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Aug 06, 2020 6:50 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
The white trash that fills the scumbag administration will b trying 2 use the courts 2 hold power--and, that includes the supreme court. mike pence is the bottom feeding dregs of the rancid swamp.

An indictment is on it's way. There is no horror 'strong' (scumbag's wording) for this decrepit monster. His suffering should b proportional 2 all the harm and injustice he has brought into the world. Truly the saying, payback is a motherf***er should apply 2 the 10th power.

Total lying POS. 2 links below photo.

facebook removes troll farm posing as African Americans supporting scumbag--thousands of accounts. That's exactly what russia did in 2016. vlad likes having this idiot in place. it's like scumbag is a russian agent.

From the white trash that gave u (160,000 dead) "it is what it is" , the noise "wind mills" make causes cancer, and inject/ingest bleach and radio active light to fight covid, I give u a desperate nut case who must have 2 b changing his pampers constantly. 2 min
and, response from Biden's camp.

Don't b scumbag's next con. 1 min

Don Winslow: Consequences 4 scumbag. 2+ min

part 2
There is absolutely no competition. He IS the King of Fools. OMG! He really is sooo stupid. The twitter responses r hilarious. Seriously! U can't make this shit up. Yo Semite and Thighland. Whoa!

Seth Meyers 9+ min

Just think about this.

Not 2 b outdone by his brother, scumbag's kid, eric, releases a book.

Ali Velshi w Beto O'Rourke. Of course scumbag is ling, so call it exactly what it is--A LIE. 2+ min

Professor, Dr. Eddie Glaude, responds 2 scumbag's assertion that he has done more 4 African Americans than anyone other Abe Lincoln. 3 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 6:18 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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scumbag hoaxed America.

Judge rules that scumbag rape accuser, E Jean Carroll, can proceed with defamation lawsuit. She can proceed with the attept 2 harvest his DNA and depose him. She can interview him under oath.

Fools 4 scumbag. 2+ min

part 2
Warning about the dangerous orangeus dumdasseous. 1+ min

Trevor Noah, fox mashups. They're experts in law and order b/c they committed crimes.11 min

Vote out racism. Let this b the death of the republican part. 1 min

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 08, 2020 3:28 pm

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The maga super spreader event of this here American pandemic. At least 250,000 'bikers' storm sturgis, s. dakota for the annual 10 day harley davidson feel good fest.
The majority attending are fairly affluent (and up) white males 40's and up (average age about 52, so many r older). These r scumbag voters. There will b few masks and little social distancing. If they get covid while there, so b it--they chose 2 b there. One local said it should b ok "if they mind their ps and qs. Comforting. After 10 days, they all go back 2 everywhere around the country or the world they live.
and, The gob smacking stupidity of the sturgis rally.
The attendees r, 4 the most part, white, older, affluent scumbag supporters. The 'bikes' they ride begin at $25,000 (that's the low end)--mostly, the costs r anywhere from $35k 2 over $50,000. These posers rn't grocer workers. This, in large part, is about bling. And, this article has plenty info on the current governor of the state and her history.
The potential 4 a monstrous disaster is enormous.
and, screw covid, I went 2 sturgis.
and, this article is 7 yrs old, but it encapsulates what sturgis was and what it became yrs ago--what it is now.
The Truth About the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

part 2
We're doing very well??? Yeah, it is what it is.
3 min

What u should know about russia's attempts at undermining Joe Biden and helping scumbag 4 min
and, russia has friends in the U.S. Senate that are undermining our country/our constitution/our freedoms/our way of life/democracy. 3+ min

scumbag's (and the right's) wet dream--utting social security and medicare.

If you're so inclined: Yo Semite

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2020 4:04 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
scumbag has lied at least 150 times about the veterans choice act. He has repeatedly taken credit for something President Obama signed into law in 2014. But, that's how the lying sow rolls. 2 min
and, CBS reporter, Paula Reid, calls scumbag out 4 lying and he can't handle it. Baby pissy pants runs away. 1 min

part 2
sez it all.

America exposed.

2 funny

This is correct.

There's always a tweet. He's like a slug that always leaves a slime trail.

part 3

Along with everything else, scumbag is a total pig.

2 videos. Click on the tweet link 2 c the new 1 minute ad from the Lincoln Project: Regret. Then come back and watch the almost 5 minutes of the David Cross stand up act the ad was taken from. Excellent.

There is no bottom. The corruption/graft of scumbag is in a category all it's own.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:50 pm

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Posts: 5930
JFC, 100,000 children tested positive the last 2 weeks of July. This madman, this monster does not care about u, your family members, your children. He, 4 all practical purposes, has destroyed this country. 5 min

Duh!! Who could ever expect a pandemic?

There's a new 'wrinkle' in his unconstitutional EO unemployment plan. Looks like he's got a plan 2 punish blue states and reward red states.

part 2
The perfect 'eternal flame' memorial 4 scumbag.

End the MFing nightmare. 1 min

Yes, it will take years 2 repair the damage done by scumbag. And, it will take trillions of dollars, as well. All that money completely wasted could have been spent on housing, healthcare, education, infrastructure, climate change. What has transpired is nothing less than an abomination.
It will , also, take years for this country 2 rid itself of the trump cultists and it's ilk. Primarily, they r such a diseased lot, there will b no reform 4 the truly diehards. And, the only way 2 shed this country of those vermin will b 2 wait 4 them 2 die off--so entrenched r they in their diseased delusions. They r a pestilence that will not go away any other way. Meanwhile, the U.S. will b usurped by many other civilized countries while we flounder 2 regain credibility and stability. What a fucking waste. 1 min

Reality Check

part 2
Tick Tock, MFer.

How can any sane person b fooled by this lowlife? 1 min

Defies all imagination!! 1st of all, the great pandemic was 1918 thru 1919--not 1917 as he continually repeats (r they all afraid 2 correct him?). 2nd, WW2 ended in 1945. JFC!! 1 min

part 3
attorney general, bill barr, is complete slime and rivals scumbag in the lowlife, corruption dept. He is a liar and an openly blatant propagandist 4 scumbag. Glenn Kirshner addresses that and michael flynn. 12 min.

The debate continues about reopening schools while more and more kids test positive.
Keep in mind that the school scumbag's kid (barron) goes to will not b opening. Interesting, huh. 7 min

He's a lying, worthless conman thru and thru, His executive orders r all smoke and mirrors. As per usual, what he says doesn't mean shit. 5 min
and, Seth Meyers 16 min

scumbag, again, attacks mail in voting. He does not want ppl 2 b able 2 vote without getting in long lines and putting their health at risk--unless it's a red state like florida. Then, mail in voting is ok. Vote like they did in WW2!? WTF. He is sabotaging the post office 2 try and make what he sez a reality. He would rather c ppl die than vote by mail. This is 1 of the most despicable monsters that ever lived. 4 min

Enough is enough. Vote proud. 1 min

one of the others
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