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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:29 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
Looks like trumpo doesn't own all the courts, yet. He's got a pretty good hold on the supreme court--and that right wing, religious group will hold court for two or three decades. That puts the supreme court out of step with the vast majority of Americans. And, going forward, that disparity will only increase.
scump and moscow mitch have appointed, so far, 150 lifetime positions to the federal courts and most of these judges are hideously right wing republican, 'conservative', corporate loving, evangelical theist, misogynistic, white white judges. And, they will own the federal courts for decades. And, there are more to come.
And trumpo, now, owns the justice department with his appointed attorney, bill bar. It is looking pretty grim. But, there are some who aren't trumpo owned, yet. Despite the fact that scum ball, attorney general bill bar has attempted to fight the emoluments case for trumpo, case is back on.
Of course trumpo has been filling his pockets from day one. That's what he does. That's how he has lived his disgusting, sordid life. The Scottish airport/Air Force/ Doonbeg discovery is the final proof.
and, Air Force says trumpo's money grab will endanger national security. The only thing he cares about is himself and winning for himself.

Kamala Harris at the 3rd Democratic debate. Presidential candidates can argue about their healthcare strategy differences, but the bottom line is this. Pay attention people with pre-existing conditions or people with family members/kids with pre-existing conditions, this is what trumpo and the republicans have planned for y'all. Make no mistake about this. 1 minute
and trumpo's appointee. 'acting' director of national intelligence (acting appointees don't need a congressional vote--that's why there are so many of them) is covering trump's bloated ass. This is absolutely incredible.
and, they're pulling out all the stops--and everyone one of his punks is lying for him. This is barely a preview of what is to come from the white house trash. This story is a lie--debunked!! But, that didn't stop this garbage evangelical from lying away--facial distortion for added emphasis (gee, thou shall not lie). 2 short videos
and, as an opener, Kamala Harris had a few words for donnie 2 scoops. 1 minute

trumpo broke the Iran Nuclear Agreement. He, then, put massive sanctions on Iran--which ravaged their economy. He, then, threatened war and came just short of an attack. He has moved Iran much closer to the capacity of making their own nuclear bomb (as a result of the broken agreement, they are now on the verge of having the capacity to make that bomb, if they desire). The whole time, Iran was in full compliance with the agreement. NOW, he wants to be party to giving Iran 15 billion dollars. Remember he ranted abut all the money Obama gave the Iranians after they signed the agreement. The reality is, it was their money that was tied up in sanctions--so, Obama gave them their own money). But, this 15 billion will be somebody else's money. This fucker knows how to drive a hard bargain--mr. art of the deal. He is completely incompetent and unfit. EVERYTHING he touches turns to shit.
and, Bill Maher 4 short videos

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 1:08 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
Anti-trumpo tee shirt. Funny
and, Kamala Harris is on the attack.

So, drones attacked saudi arabian oil production and knocked out one half of it. That's massive. The houthis in Yemen took credit for the attack. Immediately, secretary of state, mike pompeo, said he believed the Iranians did it. The Iranians said they did not do it. As a result, the saudi stock market plummeted. According to a high ranking U.S. official (unnamed, of course), the drones came from the direction of Iran. So, here we are.
The fucking orange tweetster got on twitter--like the fool that he is. Here is his tweet and a couple of observations. So, looks like trumpo is waiting to take orders from the saudis. Looks like the sauidis will determine the course of the American military. Remember, trump wants a war. That would divert attention from all his scandals or his impeachment investigation. Plus, he wants to be a tough guy. Remember bone spurs (he claimed) kept him out of Viet Nam. The Iranians have said their missiles, air craft carriers and military are on alert and ready to defend Iran. So, trump says he's ready to come to the aid of his saudi buddies/bankers. I would bet that if the U.S. attacks Iran, you can kiss half of the middle east bye bye. To be continued.
and, this from Bernie Sanders
and, Here's a tweet from the stable genius in 2014. My how things have changed.

John Oliver does a pretty good job of explaining our immigration system. Everything the bloated orange pustule says about immigration is a lie. When he talks about the lottery system, especially, he is lying like crazy. I don't know if he really knows the true facts or he is just beefing up the fear and hate to his uneducated, gullible zombie base. Obviously, he had no problem with 'chain migration' when his current wife brought her parents here. 20 minutes

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:51 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
This is who trumpo is defending. This is who wants (and has wanted) the U.S. to go to war with Iran (along with bibi netanyahu/isreal) This is the country that murdered and dismembered a journalist living in the U.S. who was working for the the Washington Post (donnie 2 scoops defended the saudis despite his own CIA information exposing the saudis as the murderers). This is the home country of all but one or two of the 9/11 terrorists. This is one of the most brutal regimes in the world. The saudis are sunni--the Iranians are shia.
This is part of what has happened this year in saudi arabia. These are donnie 2 scoops good buddies.

All of them, all of them, all of them. They are all lying, thieving, lowlife, shameless whores. There is nothing they won't do. There is no bottom to the trumpo unit or to all republicans. They are filth, AND they are so breathtakingly stupid.

Elizabeth Warren has a plan, and it's a good one. trumpo's sister was a federal judge. She was about to be investigated for tax fraud (this was about a year ago), but she retired and that stopped the investigation. That is the law. Why has someone not changed this before now!

Nike's advert, Dream Crazy, starring Colin Kaepernik won an emmy. This ought piss off the orange blob. 1 min.

Oh shit! Everyone knows John Bolton never saw a war he didn't like or a regime that could use changing. But, everyone who knows John Bolton says he's not the least interested in politics, and he's not a liar.

With trumpo as commander-in-chief, the U.S. military is, now, for rent. That would make our troops a mercenary force.
Another thing, the saudi's have not spent 400 billion dollars here and there are not one and a half million jobs. He keeps saying that--it's just not true. trumpo subscribes to the nazi formula--repeat the same lie until it is believed.
Everything with trumpo is transacsional--about money. Our military should not be used for profit. American lives are not for sale. How can anyone in the government or military accept this.

Seth Meyers 13 minutes

Pentagon urges restraint.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 6:32 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
WTF! We are low on ammunition, sir (sir-that's one of his tells--a guaranteed lie), almost none. There is no keeping up with the insanity that comes out of trumpo's facial anus. Grifters gotta grift. Liars gotta lie. 7 minutes

Seth Meyers 2 minutes
and, Trevor Noah 8 min.

trumpo is the very worst negotiator. The absolute worst. It's true. The world, and that most certainly includes russia, is laughing at him. 6 minutes
and, even Saudi arabia knows starting a war with Iran is mot a good thing. They are right next to Iran and all of their missiles. They know what attacking Iran would really mean. But, not the village idiot. He wants a war, big time. Anybody who thinks attacking Iran is doable is a fool. No, that's inviting conflagration.
If trumpo had not walked away from the Iranian nuclear agreement and not put enormous sanctions on Iran (they were in compliance with the agreement), the world would not be here. He's a clear and present danger to the world. He's nuts. Truly.
and, the orange, dipshit, lowlife slob had to make it about him.
Cokie Roberts was a highly respected trailblazer who came from a political family. She was greatly respected and adored for almost half a century and a consumate professional. What was his fucking point? That interview was about 4 years ago and almost no one knew about it. He would have been better off saying nothing. He just can't help himself. What a pile of shit. 2 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:39 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
From Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter.
and, Joy Reid interviews a woman who was part of the nixon impeachment.
and, currently, about, 60 per cent of Americans say they do not want to see an impeachment of donald trumpo citing the fact that impeachment is too devisive. Huh? What the hell do they think trumpo is now. He is corrosive, self dealing/self serving, fraudulent, a liar, a bigot, a racist, a major national security risk, traitorous. This guy can not be trusted with secrets. He has/is guilty of obstructing justice. He is repeatedly, constantly guilty of the abuse of power. His incompetence knows no bounds. He is unfit to the point of criminality. He lines his pockets with taxpayer funds. He sells influence to both foreign and domestic powers. The list goes on and on. Even if he loses the 2020 election, he will still have a year and a half to further destroy this economy, our standing in the world community, destroy democracy, the fraternity of the people who live here. I don't get it. He is a clear and present danger.
As this woman says, he has absconded the attorney general and the supreme court and uses both to bludgeon anyone or anything that he, personally, finds objectionable. 6 min.

trumpo's evangelical ass licker, secretary of state, mike pompeo, is in saudi arabia and says, attack on saudi arabian oil production is an 'act of war' against world oil.
Dufus bone spurs trumpo, in Los Angeles, says he is considering the "ultimate option'. putin has told him to stand down.
Maybe, he'll take care of global warming crisis by inundating the world in nuclear winter.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Sep 19, 2019 6:06 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
Looks like Israel is on the right path; they have voted netanyahu out of office (narrowly). The neyanyahu reign is dead. trumpo is next. They, both, have appealed to the far right/hate, have depended on fear to win elections, are corrupt. Even after losing the election, netanyahu attempted to destabilize the new government by getting signatures from the far right groups, swearing loyalty him. Hopefully, under new leadership, Israel can develop a strategy of peace with the Palestinians--a strategy of dignity. Lots of work there.
and, interesting. Tillerson on netanyahu. He played trumpo with disinformation.

trumpo hates California, but not as much as many Californians hate him. And, that's why he hates California--the 5th largest economy in the world. So, because he can, he will do what he can to hurt the state of California--because that's what this twisted, nut case does. It's all about his tattered, wrinkled, bent and mutilated, tortured, long suffering, sad ass ego. Crybaby dumpo can't handle being not liked. Poor Baby
https://crooksandliars.com/cltv/2019/09/why-trump-going-after-californias 5 min.

He was told not to talk about the wired fence, BUT the bloated orange blob couldn't help himself. He has 6 year old brain syndrome.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:46 pm

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This was written 2 days after dumpo won the electoral college. And, oh yeah, he's a traitor. 9 minutes

Now, add the government/military staying at his golf clubs in Ireland and Scotland. There's no limit to this grifter's hustle. 5 min.

Add this to the list of attorney general barr's coverups.

Jimmy Kimmel 7 min.
and, 8 min.

Release the tapes? Shit, he won't even release the complaint.

Bill Maher: 6 short videos

There is a cancer on the presidency, and cancers, if not removed, only grow.

The wall street journal ain't fake news, y'all.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 4:32 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6447
There is no end to the absurdity, no bottom to the depravity. Never has there been a more incompetent, never has there been anyone more unfit, never has there been a more defective mentality, morality, spirituality (don't confuse this with religion). The width and breadth of the repulsion generated by this pathetic excuse for a man stands alone. He defines illegitimacy.
and, what trumpo wanted was a fabrication, not a investigation.
and, Unimaginable! The attorney general of the United States can not be trusted--ex-FBI agent. 7 min.

Ukraine prosecutor: No evidence of wrongdoing by either Joe Biden or his son, Hunter.
and, it is trumpo that should be investigated.

Ari Melcher 17 minutes: the god awful disease in the oval office. He is hiding everything, everywhere. Now he says he can't even be investigated. But, he the same trash he's always been.
and, "there is a cancer in the white house".

Judge orders trumpo to testify at trial. something else for his attorneys to handle.

trumpo is dismantling everything. All he cares about is catering to corporate interests. 5 minutes

We have a witness. I hope he's not further endangering his life. He's a journalist and an activist.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 3:02 am

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He epitomizes the 7 deadly sins--and then some.

Sharia Law, Anyone?

The saudis own trumpo.

And They Shall Wear The Mark Of The Beast...

Not just an after thought...

Lawrence O'Donnell with Constitutional law professor, Laurence Tribe. 11 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:15 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Rival republican accuses trumpo of treason.
and, Morning Joe with 3 republicans running against trumpo. 10 minutes

"When I took over the United States", Iran was a real threat. No they weren't. 2 scoops has created a monster. Actually, a couple of them in the middle east.

We don't need no stinking transcripts. None of the trumpo cabal can be trusted. That includes the attorney general and, now the new acting director of National Intelligence. trumpo's got it set up real good.
Transcripts and recorded calls can be changed. What needs to be seen is the whistle blower report.
and, one of trumpo's cult members threatened to kill Beto O'Roarke.

Seth Meyers does a good job in breaking down the ghouliani/trumpo treasonous, keystone cop sideshow surrounding Ukraine. Elect a clown, expect a circus. These two are so glaringly repulsive, it's almost not fun ridiculing them anymore. Almost. 13 min.

Trevor Noah 6 minutes

Dufus 2 scoops said Nobel awards aren't given out fairly. If they were, he would be given one for lots of reasons.
and, mr. uncouth lowlife, whiny crybaby bummer, can't take him anywhere, sniveling poop butt makes the U.N. forum all about himself.

Jeff Tiedrich Twitter

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 5:39 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Former white house counsel for nixon. I agree completely. They have aided and abetted trumpo in treachery and treason. They have, all, violated the Constitution and the people of the United States.

Lovin' it.
and, she makes him look like greasy dog shit. Dipshit will get in a twitter fight with a sixteen year old girl and lose.

Why is his face so red? He looks like he did a strong peel. Or, is it stress. Why the hell does he do these press things in front of a helicopter? Everybody has to scream. 8 minutes
and, the reality of trump's economy. 4 min.
and, now trumpo says he will release the transcripts)
of call(s) with the Ukrainian president. #1) I wil trust nothing from the white house. #2) A verbalized quid pro quo need not be verbalized. #3 None of this really matters. The only thing that should be released is the whistle blowers report and it should be given to the house Intelligence--AS PER LAW!
and, since trumpo's announcement, the whistler blower want to appear before the house Intelligence committee.
and, exactly

Unanimously agreed. That means, no republican objection. It's the law.
and, Speaker Pelosi officially opens impeachment inquiry. Brilliantly said. He's a mad man and he must be stopped. The only thing worse than having to go into impeachment is the day he won the electoral collage. He honestly believes he can do anything, and the limp noodle republicans allowed and encouraged this. SAD!
6 minutes
and, WTF! With friends like ghouliani, trumpo doesn't need enemies. ghouliani digs that hole a little deeper. So, now,the state department is implicated (pomeo wil have some answering to do). A private citizen? Looks really bad. Reeks of coverup--and it's on video.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 4:15 pm

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New, official white house presidential portrait.
And, a 2nd whistle blower--this one from the IRS. This person did not file a complaint, but went straight to congress (Ways and Means committee).
The complaint was presented to a judge, but that judge chose not to seek any information concerning the whistle blower's accusation, and in a law suit to get trump's taxes (the law says the committee can have them) ruled against the committee and in favor of trumpo--despite their lawful right to see them. That judge, who is a trumpo nominee, contributed to the trumpo campaign and volunteered on the transition team. That judge should be investigated and cited. Many of trumpo's judges, including the supreme court, are in his pocket. trumpo/moscow mitch are owning the courts. Yeah, that's really draining the swamp. The whole republican party is filth. The republican party must be voted out of existence.
And, trumpo's presser today at the U,N.--for all the world to see. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.
and, looks like trump's not going down alone. pence should turn states's witness, ask for immunity, and
quit. He's such a slimy, butt licker. Remember, trumpo knows no loyalty, unless one is willing to fall on the sword for him like manafort did. manafort didn't 'rat', but he'll, no doubt, take comfort in spending the rest of his life in prison. Maybe, trumpo can join him. Stay tuned.
I bet 'mother' (thats what pence calls his wife) is totally freaked. She just opened a big twitter account praising trump and campaigning for him. In reality, she despises him. trumpo thinks they're trailer trash and mother, being the hard core evangelical she is (she can't wait for the rapture) has a problem with men who grab women by the pussy.
and, Pentagon undercuts trumpo's assertion. He's a liiiiiiiar.

Seth Meyers 14 min.

Today summarized...

Jimmy Kimmel with Joe Biden. 16 minutes

So, the newly elected president of Ukraine had to sit next to pumpkin head today. Must have been majorly cringe worthy with impeachment announced yesterday. But, trumpo is so mentally deranged he can muddle through unscathed, relatively. But, poor Zelensky--he's not nuts. Check out his facial expressions. Charlie Pierse is such a good political writer.

Rachael Maddow: 15 minutes and 5 minutes. 2 videos
Looks like a bomb is about to go off, and that scumbag attorney general, bill barr, that lives in trump's anal canal is implicated, big time.

Ari Melcher: Impeachment, High Crimes and Misdemeanors.
9 minutes

The best for last, Lawrence O'Donnell--definitve, must see videos.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJnf5sR_UUw& 13 min.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3yVQEcOxQQ 9 min.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LobL_6hvbrU 9 min.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Sep 26, 2019 8:55 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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How Sad!

The whistle blowers complaint.

Hacker changes sign to read, 'Impeach the Bastard'.

Yeah, that's what I been sayin'.

and, A. Secret. Fucking. Server.

Seth Meyers 4 min.

Lawrence O'Donnell 4 min.
and, Chris Hayes nails it. This has been going on from day one, because 'dumpo the slime' brought his sordid lifestyle from NYC to the office of the president--not missing a beat. EVERYONE who participated in this coverup should do jail time, unless asking for immunity to give states' evidence (even then, some of them should do time). This is massive. Sack-o-shit attorney general, bill barr, is going to prison. 5 min.
and, almost all republicans say this is a 'nothing burger'. They are all complicit in the most flagrantly egregious conspiracy/coverup in the history of the presidency. This is massive.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:09 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Morning Joe with Nancy Pelosi. 20 minutes

Jimmy Kimmel: Who's the rat? 12 minutes

Rep. Adam Schiff opening the impeachment inquiry. Adam Schiff is brilliant. 9 minutes

trumpo talks in code; He never really says what he means. Like do me a favor, and, you know what they used to do to spies in the old days who commit treason. Ya know, like this. 1 minute
and, Morning Joe 18 minutes

rudy ghouliani in Ukraine doing trump's dirty work. 5 minutes
and, rudy says he won't testify without consulting trumpo. trumpo has already said he doesn't have a problem with rudy testifying, but you know how that goes.
and, check out rudy's upcoming gig.

From a republican: That conversation is "Not OK".
Lawrence O'Donnell 9 minutes

First republican backing impeachment inquiry. It's gonna get ugly for him.

4 short videos: Bill Maher
Yes, it's true that devin nunes said democrats are trying to get naked pictures of trumpo. nunes is such a disgraceful idiot (this was said at the congressional hearing for all the world to hear). And, it's true the white house sent all the democrats (by mistake, of course) in congress (House and Senate) the lying talking points they, the republicans, were going to use to try and spin the hone call between dumpo and the Ukrainian president.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:58 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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and, what he said. 8 minutes
and, again trumpo talks in 'code'. He doesn't come put and say exactly what he means, but he says enough for everybody to get the message. And, who are the ass holes in his audience that laughed! 6 minutes
and, They don't care about you--they never did. Vote eery republican out of office. 4 minutes

Correct, there is no bottom to this scumbag.
and, this is just the short list. I guess the only thing
he succeeded with was selling his 'brand'.

one of the others
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