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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2019 6:51 am

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Bill Maher: 4 short videos from his show.

Short article from Vanity Fair on the security problem(s) within the trump white house (trump being security problem #1).

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:05 pm

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Two days after the government reopened (for 3 weeks), rump is saying he's ready to do it all over again. The shutdown cost the economy 6 billion dollars, at least. That is 1 billion dollars plus a week. That does not address the cost(s) to 800,000 federal workers or the horror of the impact to contractors and their extended families. That means millions (millions!) of people. And, then, of course, there are the (mostly small) business owners and their employees that took a hit.

California's Ted Lieu slaps the dotard (love me some Ted Lieu).
and, rump's delusion wall. And, he keeps saying it's already started. So totally a lie.
and, that stupid, stupid wall. This Congressman illustrates the folly of rump's wall and enumerates, glaringly, where the money should be spent. More personnel, more and better technology at the points of entry and establishing a modern Coast Guard would be better lines of defense than his wall. 4 min.
We have an emotionally retarded, low IQ seven year old in the oval office who doesn't know shit.

rump's pathetic choice or secretary of treasury

About those cherubic, catholic kentucky boys.
and, Yeah, they're sweethearts
and, regular little angels--right out of the judge kavanaugh catholic handbook.

So, this hideous, lying, insane sack of rancid shit tweets that the cost of illegal immigration has cost the U.S. 19 billion dollars so far this year. Also, he states that the cost in one day alone, "Friday", was well over 600 million dollars. This punk MFer is all about hysteria. He really had to dig deep to pull these numbers out of his fat ass. This must end. The republican party backs this slime 100 per cent. The republican party must be cease to exist. This is not remotely tolerable.
and, Yeah, really.

Quit calling it a shutdown. Call it what it is--a shake down.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 5:18 pm

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Seth Meyers 10 minutes

U.S. Intelligence chiefs contradict trump on north korea and iran. Of course, rump's an idiot. He has no idea what is going on in reality. I applaud the intelligence community for speaking the truth.

Good response to one of dickhead's stupid tweets--maybe one he'll kinda understand.
and, Look at this embarrassing, fucking moron. The big, dumb president.
and, George Conway (kelleyanne's better half) is at the top of my favorites list--audacious and funny. "Your stupidity knows no bounds".

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:53 am

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Jimmy Kimmel 7 minutes

"It's not complicated, he's a serial fabricator" No shit!
and, he doesn't live in the real world. Rachael Maddow
2 minutes
and, nothing more than a gofer.
and, putin yanks rump's chain--reminds him who's boss.
and, yep, he did it again.

Tweet from awesome Representative, Ted Lieu
and, explaining global warming to the dotard in terms he can understand.
and, sign of the year (so far).

Yesterday the collective Intelligence Community reported on north korea, iran, and isis and completely contradicted everything trump has said about them. Everything! Of course, he's an idiot and he listens to his 3rd national security advisor, john bolton--another idiot who came out of the bush's administrations--a guy who's been looking for a war for years. He's had a special hard-on for iran. Isis is not defeated and will continue to present a national and international threat, trump should never have pulled out of the iran agreement/iran, at thie time, is not building a nuclear bomb, and north korea will not give up their nuclear weapons and continues to make weapons of mass destruction--furthering their chemical stockpile. trump is a disgraceful, dangerous idiot who is completely detached from reality. The self proclaimed "stable genius" is neither stable or a genius. He is a reckless, destabilized, mentally deranged sociopath/psychopath--with paranoia and delusions of grandeur, for starters.
and, where trump gets his intel...
and, the 'stable genius' private meetings with putin and the constitutionality of the bill, S1 (this bill is mcconall's baby, he's been pushing in the senate). This bill punishes people and countrys who have negative things to say about israel. 9 min.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2019 1:34 am

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Cartoon Nailed it!

So, yesterday the collective Intel community goes before Congress (as they do yearly) to detail the state of the world (russia, iran, syria, isis, etc.). As such, everything they detailed was in direct conflict, glaringly so, with the orange dickhead's world view. This pissed him off, so dufus gets on twitter and disparages all of them, especially Dan Coats, and ends his tirade by saying they should all go back to school. Remember, the presentation yesterday was made publicly, there are transcripts, and it is on video.
Today they all met in the oval to present their findings to trump, which is procedural. 24 hours later, trump says they are all on the same page and what was reported yesterday the Intel guys say was 'fake news'. Didn't happen, but it makes the idiot feel good. Intel is so beyond him--they pay him no attention. Thy have jobs to do.

Is this the start of a full court press"?
Is this the start of a full court press?

We have a 'mole' in the white house. Short article-good read.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 1:11 am

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The plots they weave--the republican congress, the russians aided by an American law firm--to put hurdles in front of Mueller's work and/or to disseminate false information to the American public.
Rachael Maddow 29 minutes May not be up long.

rump's a GD liar. Everything that comes out of that butt hole mouth of his is a lie. Every single thing, 4 min.

Jimmy Kimmel 5 min.

He is literally out of his mind. This from a guy who has known him for decades.
He came in out of his mind, but, now, he is getting worse. 2 min.
and, yes, he's still trying to take away healthcare.
22 second video of lies

G.M. to cut 4,000 white collar jobs.

More undocumented workers fired from trump golf course.
and, another lawsuit against the trumps. The kids are every bit the conman hustlers their daddy is.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:35 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Bill Maher 4 short videos

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:43 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Bill Maher 4 short videos

3 videos, about 7 minutes each Samantha bee

The Circus. First show of season 4. 1/2 hour

The clear and orange danger.

Seth Meyers with Michael Moore 6 minutes

He's totally gone over. He hasn't given out contracts. He hasn't started, let alone, finished a wall. There is no such thing as using "money on hand" (money is appropriated and use is designated by Congress). Everything he said is either a lie or a delusion--which is easily fact checked. He's a horrific disgrace, he's completely incompetent, he's unfit, he's dangerous (very) because he's completely unhinged. Is he able to discern between reality and fantasy/delusion?
Anderson Cooper 10 minutes

It just gets more absurd and nauseating. Tanning? Good genes? The nut job wears makeup. Sometimes he plasters it on more than others times. The colors(s) he uses are not the color of a tan. It is not professionally blended when applied. The lines are definite at the sides of his face and neck, and then there are the fucking raccoon eyes. It is difficult to believe that anyone with vision would believe that orange, makeup plastered face is the result of tanning. He truly is delusional. He has been wearing that makeup for a decade, at least. A movie was made of him in Scotland when he was building the golf course there and he was wearing makeup then, it just wasn't the orange color then. Maybe, it started with his TV how. It is difficult to believe he thinks it's a good look. It looks ridiculous.
Here's that movie, You've Been trumped. From 2005, I think. 1 hour 40 minutes. The story of what he did to the Scottish locals while building the golf course.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 7:13 am

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Just Sayin...
Did you ever hear a dead baby joke? 3 minutes

Turkey's leader, Erdogan, says he can not understand the U.S. silence over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. It was Erdogan who exposed the murder after the saudi's lied about it. Both fat ass rump and his bought and paid for son in law, jared kushner, covered for the saudi's big time on Kashiggi's slaughter.

From Ted Lieu: This is Exhibit 1 when rump declares a national emergency.
and, some emergency, huh.

Thousands more kids have been separated from from their parents (over 2,000) and may never be reunited with their parents--too much of a burden.

The lazy fuks schedule has been leaked. Basically, all he does in the white house is watch TV, talk on the phone to his friends, and eat (lots of lunches).
It was john kelley who came up with the term 'executive time' to cover for the fact that he comes in late (11AM), quits early (2:30PM) and doesn't do much of anything else when he's not watching TV or feeding his fat face.
and, rump white house operations.

Hey, look, dr ronny (AKA the candy man) is back (he's still under investigation) and just in time for the bloated rump's yearly physical. Not only that, trump wants to give him another star. Sound a little like, you scratch mine, I'll scratch yours. This is the guy who got his height wrong (6'3-no), and got his weight wrong (239-come on). Those lies were to keep the slob just south of obesity on the charts. Then, there was the ridiculous cognitive test stuff, along with the heart issue. Add to that, the 'good genes' statement, and healthy enough to live to, was it, 400 or some crazy age. trump is the sleaziest. The total slimy, sleaziest.

About that 'executive time' (isn't it disgusting that john kelley had to come up with that farce to cover the laziness, incompetence, and complete indifference to the job of being president). Think about it--seven weeks (plus, actually) 'executive time' since the midterm election. That's 300 hours in 3 months. He is so totally unfit, ya'll.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2019 1:00 pm

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Purge of undocumented workers spreads to 5 trump golf courses.
Senate democrats bill to block trump from 'raiding' military or disaster relief funds to build his wall should he declare a national emergency.
and, following the money
and, trump doesn't understand even the basics of national intelligence. He's dangerous to, both, the U.S. and the rest of the whole world.
and. trump inauguration committee received a subpoena from New York.
and, prosecutors subpoena records from rump's Sottish golf courses. It's all about the money.
and, butt hole should be putting money into the Coast Guard, not the 'wall', security at the points of entry should be beefed up--not his wall. More and better ships, more and better technology, more trained personnel, many more canine officers, stabilize and rehab existing walls/fences. Not His Stupid Wall!
Interestingly enough, the further you get away from the border, the more the people who live in these distant states want the wall--like montana, weat virgina, etc. It's crazy.
Drugs come in through mail, planes, ships/submarine, trucks. Points of entry are hot spots. trump's wall won't change any of that.
and, the filthy piece of shit is ready to plow through and ruin a border butterfly sanctuary. Read the thread.
and, the MFer has the blessing of the supreme court. He is filling all the courts with scum like kavanaugh. This is being orchestrated by mcconnell and will last for decades because all of these judges have life time jobs. He just stole the land.

Here comes (mentioned earlier) SDNY (Southern District New York. Mueller was so smart to bring them in.

More on the costs of trump's mini vacations to his golf clubs. How much, for who, where the money goes, how much goes into his account. He is worthless.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:14 am

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Yes, mike pence is dirty. He was in the thick of it, directly, certainly, after the convention. He is such a sycophantic, mealy mouthed, weaselly, lying, pathetic tool, and, must go down with the trump family scum.

Yes, say it loud, finally: RICO. About time. Shit, it's been there all the time. 1 min.
and, the short article

U.N. says, trump's little buddy: nukes intact, missiles being dispersed.
and, newly unearthed video shows trump in russia in 1995 to discuss building a trump tower. Ex moscow mayor confirms. Both videos are the same. 30 seconds.
and, yes he is an ignoramus. 2 minutes

Seth Meyers, 2 minutes
Seth with Jake Tapper: 2 six minutes videos
Seth Meyers: SOTU 13 minutes
and, Jimmy Kimmel 2 minutes

Ick. s huck sanders. Living proof you can put lipstick on a pig. She will lie and say anything. 5 minutes

More on the costs of trump's many mini vacations to his golf courses. How much, for who, what goes into his account. He's such a lazy, worthless slob.

The lying slacker continues to be the laughing stock.
5 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:51 am

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Joshua Trump speaks for America. Joshua was invited because he says kids mock him because of his last name--trump. Soooo, malaria invited him because, you know, she's such an advocate for kids (discount the kids ripped away from their parents at the border and lost in the system by the thousands--I don't care, do you), she is fighting against on line bullying (discount what her freak husband does), and, ya know, be best.

Farmers in all states were, pretty much, solid trump backers. Even when he started his trade war (tariffs), farmers basically said, no pain-no gain and stuck with him. Looks like the chickens have come home to roost.

Well, I guess they have to do something to make it look like she's really doing something. Between this one and malaria, be best--Yikes. The ole apple doesn't fall far from the tree thing is solidly in play. It only gets more pathetic.

Well, heck yah, scrap the safeguards--they're scrapping everything else. Whatever corporate daddy wants.
and, hey, this sounds intriguing.
and, I read this the other day, but had no intention of posting it, BUT, after reading the job losses that could hit the U.S. if trump adds his new threatened tariffs, the bankruptcys in the farming community, and all the horrid things this "fucking moron" has done and been allowed to do by the spineless/corrupted republican party and the wacko trump supporters, this, actually, sounded, plausible. Written by Chris Hedges. I like him. I follow him. Is trump intentionally trying to take this country down. I know that was bannon's plan.
Goodbye to the Dollar.
and, Rick Wilson pre-critiqued trump's "word vomit". So funny--so true, but because it's really real, so sad and scary.

Hey, check this out. Nogales, New Mexico Mayor says, I don't think so. See how trump is just fucking everything up and spending lots of money to play his silly games. Nogales is a point of entry city. That's where the dogs caught the truck with 264 pounds of fentanyl and massive amount of cocaine. 2 minute video

Jimmy Kimmel with Jillian Castro 7 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:46 am

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Seth Meyers 12 minutes
and, 4 min.

Adam Schiff calls trump tower meeting treason. He's a former prosecutor and he's awesome. trump flipped when he learn democrats want to see his tax returns. this ought to make him comletely apoplectic.
and, why are republicans so protective of trump's tax returns??? Why?

All hell's about to break loose. Of course, it's SDNY, Mueller, the democrats, but now it's proof of years of underpaid, exploited undocumented employees at his golf courses. Now, it's the national enquirer blackmailing jeff bezos with saudi and trump's fingerprints everywhere. Holy Cow! This, for starters.

Slime bucket rump is in a mad dash to fill the courts with racist, misogynistic, homophobic, evangelical, christian extremists, anti-union/labor/corporate judges who hate poor/working poor people, and these are all to lifetime positions. trump will leave his foul, vile stain on the U.S. for many decades--long after his fat ass is gone. But, remember, rump is just the vessel (he's hateful enough, but way to stupid to organize this on his own) through which mcconnell, the kochs, the waltons, etc. are setting the agenda for the 1 per cent.
Mazie Hirona, Senator from Hawaii, calls it like it is. She is so smart--so totally awesome. She's a gift.
10 minutes

A couple of days ago the white house attributed rump's constant, great tan to 'good genes". Right!

Best tweet of the morning.

New intel on the saudi/Khashoggi murder and dismemberment. trump/kushner/pompeo have stated there is no reason to suspect the saudis (mbs specifically), despite turkish intelligence to the contrary. U.S. has 'brushed it under the rug'. The U.N. is now getting involved. 6 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:04 pm

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4 short videos from the Bill Maher show.

Acting AG, matt whitaker, spent 8 yours yesterday in a Congressional hearing before the Judiciary committee.
Whitaker, who was combative, will be replaced in 6 days. He gave himself a good screwin. They will call him back, and he will be nobody with attorney fees to pay for.
There were many great democratic moments and a few predictable idiot, showboat moments from republicans--especially from the representative named collins from Georgia. He was going full bore trey gowdy (he retired).
Here's one of the great moments. House Representative From southern California, Ted Leiu

What did ivanka trump know about moscow trump tower. Almost nothing? Naw. Here's why her story doesn't hold up. Hey, lock her up.

trump is so covering for the saudis in the murder/dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi. Why? The CIA concluded they did it. Both parties believe they did it. Congress requested a report from trump--he has refused--just flat out refused.
and, calls to blame/remove prince is crossing a red line. What does that mean?

trump has ued campaign donations to pay for his son in law's, jared kushner, legal fees.

This video is so important. It breaks down the corruption/immorality/lack of ethics in our political, and, really, all systems. They write the laws. If it's legal, it's OK. That's now the benchmark. 17 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:04 am

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7 million Americans have lost healthcare under the trump administration, but if the scum, corrupted, lazy, lying, incompetent, unfit, bumble fuk idiot, sideshow looking bozo had his way, the number would be much, much higher. This photo was taken in knoxville, tenessee. He has done nothing, not one thing, nada, to provide a better healthcare system (as he promised while campaigning). American human suffering has greatly increased since this sadistic, low IQ "stable genius" won the electoral college.

trump's tweets have been disgusting (I guess, as always). He is such a low class, unbelievably ignorant, undignified slob. He whines, he bloviates, he lies, he instigates, disparages, he blames (of course, nothing he does or says or causes is his fault, just like any slow minded 8 year old bully). He is absolutely nauseating/atrocious. He is a rarefied form of repellent.His allusion to the Trail of Tears is inescapably abhorrent. Yes, this slob has no bottom.
and, Warren responds.

Meet The Press: Leader/Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff (D-Ca.). Former prosecutor and he's badass, so smart, and a gentleman--everything scumball rump isn't. 7 minutes

eric trump says his sister, inanka, has done more for women than anyone else, ever. He, certainly, lives up to his SNL portrayal. Wow! 6 minutes

First he eliminated overtime for management that Obama put in place. This was one of the slimy things grocery did. They would make some red hot, usually someone who was new and wanted full time, 'management' and work them 60 hours, or more, but they would be allowed to displace rank and file by checking or whatever the company wanted them to do. Now this. This slob can't do enough for the corporate office.This was a practice Obama fixed. Back to unpaid under rump.

I've read some real horror stories about tax return refunds. One family that was used to receiving a refund yearly. Not only was there no refund, they owed 8,000 I dollars. It looks like refunds are down about 25 per cent. Almost everything I've read are from trumpaneeze.
They're pissed and feel betrayed--say he's lost their vote in the 2020 election.

one of the others
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