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Post Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:24 am

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Hello people
Our reckless Premier of Ontario is cutting checks
again why because in about three months he will be
begging for the great voters of Ontario to keep him
on as their Premier of Ontario. I thaught now maybe
a good time to ask Premier Dalton Mcguinty a question
0n my worst night mare Workplace Safety and Insurence
Board of Ontario or WSIB. My direct question was
when are you going to fix the now corrupt WSIB and
throw a safety line to the injured workers of Ontario
insted of allowing the employers to use it as a safety
net to do with their employees as they seem fit
and without them having to worry about legal worries?
In my question I asked him not to respond to me with
an answer telling me that WSIB takes care of injured workers in Ontario because I am living proof it does not.

Well on Friday July 27th 2007 I received a response to my question and it was this (I always said it would take people like you to make a differance) what
he was trying to tell me is beyond me.I think he was telling me to go F--- myself.Well I should not have expected any other answer because I see WSIB as nothing more than a home wrecker.

How many more families have to be destroyed by the hands of WSIB? (claim denied)How many more injured workers have to commit suicide at the hands of WSIB (claim denied)!! Folks stress in the workplace is
a down graded word at WSIB for depression and is not in their policy. Stress you can wash away after work with a cold beer it is an every day issue but depression well that is an issue on its own.

With depression your whole world and life changes,
I have not been able to work sense March 2003 due to depression and I may never work again.I Had to be removed by a shrink and I filed a claim with WSIB for depression and I was told not asked to supply a detailed document on what management did and said to me to place me in the state of depression so 13 pages later WSIB reviewd the document found it to be credable but still refused the claim.it is now at the tribunal and I am now thinking of a change of venue and going head to head with my employer for damages
because to be truthful I have thaught about suicide
many times I Know I won't win this at WSIB. My email is dcarroll5@cogeco.ca I am turning my sites on the
Government of Ontario the people who run WSIB and my employer if I can. my employer is Maple Leaf Foods and I will see justise done.Drop me a line later [/u]
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