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Post Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:17 pm

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Like a jilted lover out to prove his masculinity with a series of new conquests, our Bush regime today seem always out to prove something. They will fight any war (with or without allies). They will ram through legislation (with or without the democrats on board). They will eliminate supportive social programs (since only wimps need "safety nets"). In other words, their America is a John Wayne/Rambo/Terminator figure. But why? -buzzflash-

How have the war-mongers within so-called civilized society swayed the people to back them in their destructive endeavors? If we take away all the superfluous rhetoric that is spewed from these self-proclaimed patriots, what would we find as the basic reason these people act the way they do and how do they convince people of the validity of their beliefs? Could these individuals be exhibiting a fear of effeminacy? Too simple you say! Well, I'm just not so sure. There seems to be an apparent association between the level of man's femiphobia and his tendency to be swayed by these macho acting war-mongers we have within our government.

Author Stephen Ducat, in his book The Wimp Factor, states that men that took particular conservative positions normally scored high on tests that measured men's fear of femininity. They were also much more likely to score high on gender role conflict tests. The GRCT measures the conflict associated with filling the male role and having anxiety about filling those roles. Is the U.S. government being run by a bunch of Gonads?

"Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
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