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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:16 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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The most important exchange in the Mueller testimony.
Lawrence O'Donnell 6 minutes

Don Lemmon: What trump said on fox news is truly stunning. !0 minutes
He is truly a madman. He is getting more and more emboldened. Everything he says is a lie, and he believes his own lies. He is absurdity to the tenth power, but he is no longer an amusing buffoon. He is dangerous and on the verge of being lethal.

S, it's even worse than we thought. russia targeted election systems in all 50 states. The orange puke made a bargain with the devil, and now they own him. But, it meets his needs, and they don't give a fuck about him. He's just a tool--a useful stooge. Rigged election? You betcha. But, the democrats didn't rig it, donald trumpo did.

Pow! Judge Napolitano, absolutely trashes donald j trump.

Obviously, donnie 2 scoops and, mich mcconnell are working hand in hand to fully cooperate with russia
to not only subvert the 2020 election, but to destroy democracy in this country as we know it. They are, both, complicit. 6 minutes

This is who this trash ass family is--scammers , liars, and thieves. 5 minutes

Looks like, Game On.

As predicted, of course, trump's/mcconnell's tax cut are a dud. But wait--He's talking about more tax cuts.

Seth Meyers: 2 short videos
and, Jimmy Kimmel 7 minutes

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:12 pm

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Well, the dried up hag whore was up way before dawn tweeting and lying--the 2 things he does best. Go all the way down to read the responses to his juvenile, lying,cry baby tweets.

Malcolm Nance: lying, unpatriotic trump. 8 minutes

Moscow mich will not allow a vote in the senate on 2 bills to protect the 2020 election. He is complicit in the russian attack on the 2020 election. Of course, all the republican senator sheep say nothing in defense of this country or constitution. The republican party must cease to exist--if it's not too late. 13 minutes

scump created this Iranian mess. He backed out of a contract, placed sanctions on Iran that is destabilizing their economy. Watch the idiot. Listen to the clown buffoon lie. Buffoon man is a danger to the world. 4 minutes

Victor Blackwell defends Baltimore and the people of Baltimore after the disgusting twitter attack this morning. Yes, trumpo is a racist, and he is the most disrespectful SOB. 3 minutes

The supreme court allows trump to take billions of dollars from the department of defense to build his wall. This after the house voted against giving that money to that piece of shit for his wall. All 5 republican appointees to the court voted in trumpo's favor. It was a 5-4 decision. This is why trumpo is filling the courts with these right wingers.
It looks like, to me, the supreme court just violated the constitution with that decision. This is where we are headed.

Whiny, poop butt, cry baby donnie 2 scoops thinks Obama's book deal should be investigated. Yes, For real.

Filmmaker, John Waters (and author), who is very proudly and lovingly from Baltimore, responds to dickhead's ignorant tweet about Elijah Cummings and the people of Baltimore.

scump's primary challenger, Bill Weld, (yes, trumpo has a republican challenger) calls scump a "raging racist".
Lawrence O'Donnell 10 minutes

wow, scump drives away another republican, only this time, it was, actually, one of the good ones (maybe, the only good one. Rep. Hurd is smart, educated, reasonable, honorable, decent, and honest, but he's been a loyal republican. I guess, he couldn't stomach any more. I was hoping he would leave the republican party and declare himself a democrat.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 3:47 am

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Shit-for-brains was following fox's lead. OMG!

Little maga rich boy lawsuit: Dismissed.

wall street journal joins the chorus in denouncing scump.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:57 pm

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The crazy man posing as a leader exposes himself, once again, repeatedly, as the completely inappropriate, untenable, uncivilized, uncultured, uncultivated, detestable, unseemly, unstable, dangerous, unsavory, unsocialized. malignant, diseased, ignorant beyond all comprehension, flat out stupid, uneducated, mendacious, malevolent, odious, lying, unethical, sex offender, open pus oozing tumor that he is and always has been. There are just not enough words.
The republican party that allows this must be destroyed before these cowards destroy this country/democracy. As for the people who support this scum bag, I remain completely mystified, especially after he has shown his true colors. 10 minutes

Of course, follow the money.

scump said the Iranian agreement was short term. It ran 10 years. The Iranians were in full compliance within that agreement. The money that was given to the Iranians was their money. It had been tied up by American sanctions, and the sanctions ended when the agreement was signed. Yes, saudia arabia! Congress, both parties, voted to end all arms sales to saudia arabia. scump overrode that vote and will continue selling arms to saudia arabia. How the fuck does ghouliani or sean hannity have any knowledge about foreign policy? Neither of them have a seat at the department of defense table. They have more power than Dan Coats--who trump is forcing out because he contradicts scump by saying the russians attacked this country in the 2016 election and are continuing to do so. In fact, he was trying to implement safeguards that halt the russian attempts in 2020. Hey, scump can't hav that. And, ghouliani says we may have to use nukes. WT mother F is he talking about??? This, like everything that has anything to do with trumo's governance(?) has surpassed the realm of anywhere near tolerable. These nut cases are fucking, totally dangerous--to this country and the world. Now, trumpo has an idiot running the U.K. and they are going to team up for another war? 10 minutes
and, Dan Coates is leaving. That, pretty much, is the last of anyone with any credibility left. scump has filled his swamp. That is the end of any intelligence left in his administration, and that is literal.

He is not reading between the lines!
and, Here's the video. mulvaney is pathetic in his defense of scump. 4 minutes

jerad kushner's real estate company has 170 violations in Baltimore. They are, both, slumlords. mulvaney is scum.
and, talk about infested. This is where scump wants to bring world leaders--which should be disallowed because it's his private business. All profits go onto his pocket.

trumpo's buddy, tucker carlson. Who the fuck are the people watching is trash? And, by the way, carlson pretends to hate 'elites'. Guess what, he's a billionaire. He inherited the money of the swanson frozen food dynasty. Look it up. he's every bit the slime scumpo is. Why white supremacists love tucker carlson just like they love trumpo. 8 minutes

scump attacks Elijah Cummings and Baltimore. What about gym jordon's district or lindsey graham's district, for starters. Please read this twitter thread. Somebody's got some splainin to do. Read the whole thread

Of course, the shit for brains idiot double downs. He's too mentally ill not to.
and, vermin in chief.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:40 pm

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Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence, resigned after scump made it known that he wanted Coats gone. Coats, on his own, was setting up safeguards to protect the 2020 election from russian interference. scump wants all the russian help he can. scump wants to make America just like his master's russia.
Dan Coats resignation letter.
and this is Dan Coat's replacement. This was his winning performance. Commentators said this was ratcliff's job application. Man, it didn't take long--just a few days.
trump now owns national intelligence along with the attorney general with the placement of the hideous, corrupt, bill bar. The cowardly senate is his as long as mich mcconnell is there, and he owns the supreme court now and is filling the federal courts with judges with allegiance to scump. I would call that a coup.
Here's ratcliff's job application. 5 minutes
And, meet john radcliffe, the second most conservative legislator in the country. This guy is one of george bush' creation. An extra added plus in ratcliffe's favor--he has no problem lying. He did so multiple times when he grilled Mueller at the hearing. He's right up scump's alley.

a short testimonial.

The rot you smell is a racist potus.

Yeah, he's bat shit crazy and deteriorating. And, he's erratic and dangerous dangerous, and this will only progress. 6 minutes

Former NBA star, Grant Hill: trumpo's statements are unconscionable. 11 minute interview.

Foe host slams mick mulvaney--gutter level scum.And, yes, young children were found sitting in their own feces. 8 minutes

OMG!! They know GD well he wasn't there. 1 minute

Trevor Noah 6 min.
and, Seth Meyers 6 min.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 4:42 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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The Stephanie Miller show with Glenn Kirschner (former federal prosecutor): trump, the illegitimate president.
Excellent and really informative, plus reassuring. Hope he's right on all counts. 15 minutes

Shit-for-brains is now retweeting QAnon. Think about this. scump's tweets are official presidential records.
This stuff is for posterity. He really is insane--a bona fide, clinical nut case. Remember, these are the people who said Hillary Clinton was running child sex trafficking and cannibalism (and way worse) out of a basement in a pizza restaurant in D.C. This is the company he keeps. Also remember, the rest of the world reads this. Read down on the multiple retweets.

He's the one that's infested. Twitter responds.

Lawrence O'Donnell is the best. 2 scoops absolutely hates him. He tried to get him fired after he won the electoral college. It almost worked, but the country pounded MSNBC, and they decided to keep O'Donnell.
Just another lie in the long, long, long, long list of scump lies (and he took credit for something he had absolutely nothing to do with). 5 minutes

Over 900 kids separated from family since a judge ordered a halt.

240 dollars here. 24 dollars in Canada. trump promised relief. He's done nothing. 3 minutes

He's soooo nuts!

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 4:55 pm

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CONFIRMED: trumpo was Downtown with first responders on 9/11.
and, scump says he knows nothing about russia and mcconnell knows even less (that would be less than nothing).
Except, mcconnell has been working with russian oligarch, putin's close contact, deripeska to build that huge aluminum plant in kentucky--this after he ended the sanctions on deripeska, despite congress not wanting the sanctions lifted. So, mcconnell knows something. Is trumpo saying he doesn't know anything about this? 2 scoops is lying, of course, and he, I guess, thinks the American people are so stupid that they will believe his shit. 6 min.
and, the whole fucking family is filth. They are lying grfters and thieves. They're all bottom feeders, but the government is complicit. There is no way they should slide on any of their games. They should be prosecuted. But, then again, the government is complicit. 9 min.
and, here ya go.

republicans are dropping like flys.

Everything about this is wrong.
and, what's wrong with these pictures??

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 3:08 pm

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tomi (that's tomi with an I) lawren, one out of many of fox ditzy blondes (a massive serial idiot) always has some absurd, ignorant, stupid thing to say that puts her at the top of the dumbbell list, and she's over qualified there.

Shit-for-brains jr. (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree personified) displays his lack of brilliance, and Comedy Central responds.

The hideously corrupted, perverted, unethical,and immoral republicans might as well be screaming 'baby rapers' when they're so freely calling democrats socialists, because that's their intent. Nobel winning economist, Paul Krugman lends perspective and reality.

Some of the best 3 minutes I've seen in a long time. Admittedly, there is nothing funny about the pustulent, scab encrusted, ulcerated, weeping chancre that won the electoral college, but his stupidity is so paramount, I had to laugh. For all the world to see, no less!


Where's Obama? Here. WOW!

scump ramps up trade war with china with the threat of more tariffs, then heads off to ohio to hold one of his insane, buffoon clownreality show rallies.

Pelosi on Baltimore. Good one.

Wow! jeffery epstein's brother says... Story at Daily Beast link.


Of course scump lied about the federal funds going to the city of Baltimore, TRUMPS LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING--ALWAYS.
So, the Baltimore Sun followed the money and presents an accounting of those funds. Here's the truth. More info at the end of this article.
and, scump drives away another republican congressman. Only, this time it was one of the good guys. Representative Hurd, is smart/well educated, reasonable, honorable, decent, honest, reasonable. I guess he couldn't stomach it any more. I was hoping he would leave the republican party and declare himself a democrat.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 12:21 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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donnie two scoops--the musical. 3 minutes
and what a difference one letter makes.
and, some days...

Jimmy Kimmel 5 min.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 6:12 am

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Bill Maher is back. 55 minutes. Won't be up long.
and. here are 4 short videos. The first three are short segments of the above show. The fourth video is the after show (9 minutes)

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 4:12 pm

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A jerk, a clod, a dolt, a schmuck--yeah, that'll work
for starters.
and, The Baltimore Sun
and, the roving anti-trumpo bandwagon.

trumpo is either lying or doesn't know what the fuck he is taking about, or, could be both. China is not paying for the tariffs trump has imposed, we, as American consumers, are. Essentially, the tariffs are a tax.
2 minutes

charles manson never killed anyone, either
and, scump calls the El paso massacre an act of cowardice, not a white supremacist terror attack.
trump is a white supremacist. you get that, don't you?

This is the country scump is working toward. In putin's russia, opponents fall out of windows and off balconies, are shot on the streets, arrested using fake charges, tortured to death in prison, found dead because of 'suicide', or poisoned in russia and other countries. This is why scump calls putin a strong leader!! This is trump's favorite wet dream.
Mind you, these demonstrators are calling f free and fair elections. They can't even have free elections in voting for city council. putin has that country tied down and trumpo wants a piece of that world.
You know these, and many, many others would be alive today if scump had never been elected. Scan down to see the twitter postings.

a bomb is about to go off--as it should.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:52 pm

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trumpo still owes El Paso 47,000 dollars for security costs for his rally in that city in February, But, he owes other cities, as well. He still owes D.C. 7 million for inauguration costs.
This is the same way he ran/runs his business. He burns contractors. He's a bum, thief, a dishonest mother efer.

Look at this gloating, buffoon sow making it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns and overturning what Obama put in place to protect this country. Also, this is another instance of this boorish, stupid clown sucking off the nra. Take a good look at this lowlife vulgarian, ugly gutter trash.
and, after El Paso, trump lays low--but, goes golfing.
and, speaking of golfing, poopy pants trumpo whined that Obama spent 106 million on travel in his eight years in office. Well, in 2 1/2 years, trump has topped 110 million and these are at his golf courses that profit him. Yep, puts money in his pocket.
and, the coverup begins. They are deleting his inflammatory tweets. Don't they know the internet is forever. And, yes that's a violation of the presidential records.
and, donnie scump's cabinet

Here's the El Paso shooter's manifesto. 4 pages. Authorities haven't confirmed it yet, but it's his.
and, how about we treat men who want to get a gun like a woman who wants to get an abortion. I like that plan.

Do you know how many people would be alive today if scump had never been elected. The synagogues, the churches, the 3 mass shootings this week, Heather Hyer, the New Zealand mass shooting, numerous, random murders of black people on the street, in a grocery store, and there's more. This article says 61. I believe it's many more.
and, How do you sleep at night? It's just a thought. 8 minutes
and, fuckin' A--finally. I repeat, again and again, he is insane (and, not in a good way) and is a clear and present danger to this country and the world.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:41 pm

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Very good short article by Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post that encapsulates the the electoral college winner. She is one of the 'conservative' voices (a republican, or maybe she's left the party like so many others because of trumpo and the cowardice of the current republican party). She crystallizes his 'performance' this morning while addressing El Paso (he called it Texas) and Dayton (he called it Toledo). "Abject insincerity", blaming everyone and thing except himself (he's to insane to do otherwise), completely incapable of connecting because he has no "empathy or decency". "He is the largest and loudest voice for white nationalism".
This morning he looked like a zombie, but with extra orange makeup plastered on. He was sniffing like crazy (higher dose of adderal snorted?) and looked like they had him on other drugs. He is not fit in any form or manner to be the president of the U.S. This monster has been allowed free rein because, solely, of all republicans. All of the many people murdered/destroyed are their responsibility every bit as much as it is trump's. This was all predictable/inevitable with scump running amuck. The republican party must cease to exist.

The spin coming from the white house (scumpo) and all republicans will be to blame everything other than themselves and guns (mental illness, social media, video games, gay marriage, socialism, not enough prayer/satan, abortion, etc.--you know the rap). Here's a letter from the APA (American Psychological Association) that represents reality.
Hate + Guns = Public Health Crisis

trumpo says he will visit Dayton and El Paso the end of this week (just before he goes golfing at a cost of 1 million dollars to the taxpayers). Number 1, El Paso doesn't want him there, and Number 2, the crook still owes the city 47,000 dollars for the February Nuremberg rally. scumball has nerve.
and, he. is. not. welcome. there. And, as of this morning, the death toll is now 22. That fucker is drenched in blood.

Anna Navarro:

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 1:42 am

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Unfiltered voices from donnie rump's sideshows. At the end of the video, trumpo says we've never seen the likes of his political movement before. But, he's wrong (he's wrong about everything). trump exactly mirrors Germany of the 1930's and into the 1940's. He's using the nazi playbook, and, oh yeah, putin's playbook, too.
This is where we're at. Does he incite violence. No fucking doubt. He revels in what he perceives as power. To him this is all a reality show, and what he really shoots for are ratings. He doesn't care about this country--it's people or it's institutions. He's too mentally ill to care about anything but himself and his delusions of grandeur. This is sad and scary. 3 min.

Jimmy Kimmel 5 minutes

This is Richard Ojeda. He lived most of his life in West Viginia and went back to live there after 25 years in the Army (retired as Major). He spent about 3 years as a state senator and then ran for U.S. congress. trumpo had rallies in West Virginia to support the republican. moscow mich pounded him, too. They really didn't want to see Ojeda in congress. He is honest and really cares about the people of West Virginia. He is a democrat. He is very pro-union. He supported trumpo because he thought scump was going to do something for the people of West Virginia. Didn't take too long for him to see trumpo was a conman and was not going to do shit for West Virginians. 5 min.
and, in case you're interested in Ojeda...

Trevor Noah 7 min.
and, what causes mass shootings? What one thing do they all have in common. 9 min.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Aug 07, 2019 2:02 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Jimmy Kimmel 5 minutes

Yeah, trumpo owns this carnage, but so do his many enablers. Everyone in the republican party, and all of his supporters--they own it, as well. After the hand writing was on the wall (and that's a long time ago), and they didn't walk, they became complicit. They are, now, as responsible as he is.

"Tell him not to come here". scump is not welcome in El Paso. But, he's going anyway. You see, he's going to Texas (and, Ohio) today because he needs those states to win the 2020 election, and he believes his fabulous charisma will win over the people who live there. I hope he shows up with the 1/2 million dollars he owes El Paso for costs from his February sideshow there.
Take notice of the fact he has completely ignored the shooting at the Garlic Festival in California. That's because he knows he doesn't have a prayer of a chance and they haven't swept their forest floors, to prevent forest fires, as he advised. Lawrence O'Donnell 14 min.

The many faces of scump's racism.

tucker carlson (fox newz), one of trump's political advisors, in his defense of trumpo, states white nationalism (as well as russia) is a hoax. fox news should be declared a terrorist organization an a recruiting site for terrorists.
Don Lemon 2 minutes
and, did fox radicalize trumpo? He watches fox constantly. He tweets out what he hears on the show, immediately--many times word for word. sean hannity is his bff--they talk nightly, and hannity travels to sideshows with him and has gone overseas with him numerous times.
trump is vulnerable because he was raised by a racist (father was kkk member), he is a racist/bigot at heart, he is mentally ill (paranoid, delusional), and he is a coward. Plus, he has no friends, and they took him in. So, he was already more than half way there. 4 minutes

Elect a clown...
and, Dr. Gu is one of the people I like to follow on twitter. Scan down and read his tweets. trump blocked Gu, so Gu sued and won.
and, Jeff Tiedrich is someone else I like to follow.

Joe Biden's excellent speech in Iowa today. 25 minutes Compare this to the pathetic zombie speech rump gave in the white house yesterday. There is no comparison. This illustriously defines the pathetic, incompetent, unfit, indecent, sideshow carnival barker, for starters, that this grotesque monster, donald j scum is.
and, powerful protest sign in El Paso today.

Beto O'rourke with Sean Nixon, a survivor in El Paso, who helped a child during the shooting.
and, now, here's trump in El Paso. It's, totally, about him. Pick one. Whether it's crowd size, photo ops, how respected the president is here ever he goes, etc.
and, an opinion from El Paso.

Seth Meyers 12 minutes
and, 3 min.

one of the others
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