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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:53 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Why. Is. This. Being. Allowed. To. Happen? trump owns everybody. That evangelical slob, pompeo, is now sucking trump off. Everyone is supporting this idiot madman in the oval office. mich mcconell will not allow the senate to put forth a resolution/bill protecting Mueller and the investigation. What has happened to the rule of law? How is one of the weakest human beings walking the earth
able to engender such power. The slimy fucker is obviously guilty of obstruction, just for starters.
Rachael Maddow 25 minutes WATCH!
and, nixon pales compared to rump. Maddow 10 minutes

This evangelical conspiracy theorist, low rent/low IQ freak rump has put in charge of the justice department is there for one purpose, and one purpose only--to protect rump and thwart the Mueller investigation. The fact that it could imperil our whole justice system is of no importance to rump. Lawrence O'Donnell 7 minutes

House Representative Hakeem Jefferies kicks off his new job
with gusto. 1 min.

rump baby blimp flies at G20 in Argentina.

Nadler statement on Michael Cohen guilty plea.

rump signed a letter of intent with russia on way to 3rd debate.
and, here's the full story.

Oh, my. Looks like daddy's princess is a little 'touchy'. She blocked House representative Ted (awesome) Lieu for asking questions.

The American stooge/disgrace. G20 in Buenos Aires--El 'Bebe' trump.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:01 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Rachael Maddow lays it all out--step by step, connecting the dots--only now, there are fewer and fewer dots to connect. The end is near. 24 minutes
and, Michael Cohen is a dangerous man. trump's fucked.
https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017522311 8 min.
and, legal exerts: enormous and criminal. say bye bye. 5 minutes

Feds showed up at a Chicago law firm that has represented trump for at least 12 years and took the office.

rump keeps whining about the tens of millions of dollars the russia investigation has cost. The reality is, it has not cost a penny, and has the potential to make a profit.

The stable genius, the guy who knows more than the experts, the one with "a big a brain" missed this. Maybe, his fat gut wasn't talking to him that day.

rump lied constantly, repeated lied about his business with russia. 5 minutes

He is so fucked.

Incomprehensibly, this from the president of the United States--the leader of the free world. A national embarrassment. A national disgrace. He is so mentally unbalanced, he can not see what a fool he is being. He thinks this shit works, 7 min.

Here's some scary shit. Check this out--putin, the murderer, embraces mbs, the torturer/butcher. Check out doofus lumbering in in the background. Truly, an unholy alliance.


one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:45 am

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They were all compromised, and here's how it all fits together. They all conspired to maintain the same lie/lies. Now the transcripts (now that the democrat Adam Schiff is in control) that weaselly devin nunes has been hiding will go to Mueller. More heads are going to roll. The degree of corruption is unbelievable. Rachael Maddow 25 minutes
or, in case the 25 minute video disappears, here is the last 9 minutes of the above video.
and, Compromat and A self serving bastard. Chris Hayes 8 minutes
and, What happens when the con man, now referred to in court papers as individual 1, loses his confidence? 5 minutes

Trevor Noah 5 minutes

That look when Robert Mueller is taking all the space up in your head.
and, that face you make when you see your ex-boyfriend with his new man.

So, rump very often refers to other world leaders by their first names, as he almost always does with Mr. Trudeau. Trudeau has never referred in like manner until now. Check out rump's response.

3 reasons why this is the beginning of the end. 1 minute

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:20 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3978
Follow Mueller's breadcrumbs. End Game.

Poop butt is willing to close down the government (put everyone out of work, backlog everything, etc.) to get his way.

rump is so fucking far 'off his rocker'. xi does not give a flying fuck about rump--that's not how he does business. Again, the buffoon is totally self deluded.

rump starts the day off reveling in his own drama. He creates a disaster, reverses, and then claims solution and takes credit for fixing the problem--the problem of his own doing. A real master mind. Must be that big "a brain" of his. He's dangerous. "Farmers, I love you."
meanwhile, back on the farm... Think these guys feel the love? They, in large part, put him in office. Remember, rump allotted 80 million dollars of tax dollars to give farmers. So, right of the top his trade war cost 80 million dollars.

I love the smell of panic in the morning.

That Look

What a cluster fuck. This is how this pathetic heap does business.

and, So Funny

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:16 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Seth Meyers 9 minutes

Majority of Americans want to see the lump's tax returns.

He is absolutely pitifully pathetic. He doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. So out of his league.

Lawrence O'Donnell makes the case for immediate impeachment. Compare nixon's high crimes to trump's. 8 minutes
or , here's the full show, 40 minutes, if you have the time, if it's still up. Why hasn't he been impeached?

Finally being held accountable for his actions. And, it shows--he looks really bad. 10 minutes

Mueller allowed manafort's wife to keep the house in Palm Bach as part of his guilty plea that took his other properties. The plea was an agreement to work with Mueller and offer all truthful information. manafort has been lying and feeding trump information. That voids the plea agreement and manafort's wife will probably lose the house as a result.

After CIA briefing, the republican senate finds saudi prince ordered/monitored the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. trump and his butt kisser, pompeo, maintain there is no 'smoking gun'.

silly, but I was amused.

Nebraska farm bureau says trump's trade conflicts cost the state's farmers more than 1 billion dollars. That's just one state.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:00 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3978
trump personifies: ignorance is bliss. He's dangerous. 2 minutes
and, he's nuts.
and, he's toast. 9 minutes


Ouch. fox bashes 'tariff man'. 3 minutes

Stephanie Miller show with Malcolm Nance. !7 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:39 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3978
Very good analysis of the sentencing report for mike flynn and where the Mueller investigation is and where it is headed. Also, who mike flynn was, who he is now, and how he became what he is now. 19 minutes

Seth Meyers, 12 minutes
and, 2 short videos
and, 4 minutes

Lawrence O'Donnell: tariff man has increased the national debt by almost 3 trillion dollars (2.7) in 2 years!
Hey, MAGA. 3 minutes

O'Donnell nails it. 7 minutes

What a pathetic, sorrowful loser.

Americans want to know. If Americans see the full truth in reports, the whole world will see the truth.

He is dead inside. He is a soulless, hollow, decaying, purifying wretch.

Maybe the U.S. has a chance.
and, total energy, everything I hear I like. Can't wait to see her (them, really) in action.

Great tweet from Tom Arnold.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:56 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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An oozing, pustular, metastasized cancer in the white house. 7 min.
and, of course, the ahole should be impeached. He's a criminal--a felon. The fact that he's destroying this country should be taken into consideration, as well. The republicans impeached Bill Clinton because he lied under oath about the act of fellatio. rump has committed treasonous acts against this country--he has committed high crimes. Gimme a break. 6 min.
and, Lawrence O'Donnell: the crimes of 'individual' 1. 20 min.

The "fucking moron"/stable genius thinks he's "Scott Free". This is his twitter thread. I wonder if he reads it. It's funny.
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status(is ther/1071177621445230596

Well, yeah, he lied. Of course, he lied. He lies about everything, to everyone, all the time. He's a serial, pathological liar. Rachael Maddow 13 minutes

Hmmm. trump winery petitions to hire more foreign workers. MAGA!

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:09 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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France tells rump to stop interfering with French politics, calling him a dotard and donald the senile. The scumbag got on his twitter rant--going so far as to say the french rioters were chanting his name, which is, of course, is a lie. But, scumbag will lie about anything, anytime, to anyone. Any time he can sow chaos and discord the filthy slime eating virus will. I wonder if he is acting on orders from his owner, putin. What an embarrassing, foul piece of shit he is.
and, at least 14 russians interacted with trump associates during campaign AND transition.
and, this is the transcript of the murder and butchering of Jamal Kashoggi. rump and jared kushner are aiding and abetting the saudi prince, msb. They are covering for him, because he gives them money.
and, yeah, jared kushner is advising the saudi prince, mbs, on how to cover for the murder and butchering of Jamal Khashoggi.

Lewis Black in A Canadian hospital. 3 minutes

rump sent a retired teacher a letter about gun policy. She corrected it and sent it back.

Undocumented workers at trump golf course.
and, the grifter in chief has been committing fraud (many) for decades. Who are these people that worship rump and what the fuck is wrong with them? jim jones (the people's temple scammer/nut job) is the rump template.
and, photo of rump's true character.

I think this is a relevant little video. donald trump: the sitcom misogynist. 12 minutes
and, Keep Hope Alive

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:09 am

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An interview with Robert Mueller. 1 1/2 hour. Probably only for the truly wonky. I watched a full hour, but will go back and finish the remaining 30 minutes. rump, with the IQ of dirt, to say nothing of his complete moral and ethical failings, is not fit to lick the bottom of Mueller's shoes. rump has not clue one who he is up against, but then, he thinks he knows more than everybody else. And, oh yeah, he has rudy ghuoliani as his secret weapon. Let the games begin, baby.
At least, take a look.
and, he knows words. 1:45
and, Fixed it!
and, rump's campaign promises. "The trump administration has accomplished more than any U.S. administration in 2 years (not even 2 years)...blah blah, blah.
and, Samuel L Jackson:
and, have you seen them in the same place at the same time? Well, have ya?
and, look at Bozo the clown. Pathetic. Look at that ridiculous make up--and that ridiculous hair. The horror. Plus, manafort's confiscations more than pay for everything, and there's more to come. So far, manafort's confiscations total about 40 million. Cost of investigation at this point, about 26 million. And, because manafort lied after he struck a deal with the FBI, looks like he'll lose that flida mansion his wife livs in. Mo money. rump is just blowing hot air. So, what's new.
and, OMG, look at this sideshow freak. The makeup, the hair--he thinks he looks good. What's that tell ya? Listen to him blow.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:56 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3978
Investigators, despite all the people charged, and all the people who flipped and took guilty pleas, have just started to discover/uncover the depths of the deception and tyranny that the russians, trump, the republican party, the nra, and whoever else may eventually be exposed when all is said and done, have just started to scratch the surface of the full extent of this treasonous story.
Rachael Maddow, again, does an admirable job of connecting the dots and explaining this unfolding attack on American democracy. 42 minutes I don't know how long this will be up, so see it while you can.

These fuckers have history.
and, massive fraud
and, posted before, but can't be seen enough--the stable genius, with the big brain, knows lots of words. 1 minute
and, quote of the year.

Seth Meyers 11 minutes

russian spy pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate. 10 minutes

There's a new access of evil. rump puts us (the U.S.) in good company.

It's all about money and filling their pockets. There
is not any decency/morality among any of them. It was all about money from day one.
https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017523699 5 minutes

So, the idiot was up at 3AM tweeting and making a fool of himself for all the entire world to see.
and, No Smocking gun. Morning Joe. 3 min.
and, check out where the guest says "holy smocks" at the 1 minute mark. 4 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:12 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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2 videos from Jimmy Kimmel. 3 and 4 minutes
How tragically pathetic is rump. He doesn't even know how to do a coin toss. And, at least 4 people have turned rump down for his chief of staff position.
and, yeah, it's funny.
and, now he's threatening to shut down government if he doesn't get his border wall money. But, not so long ago.....
3 minutes
and, Lawrence O'Donnell: the white house spectacle.
11 minutes
and, the 16 minute spectacle. Here's the "Stable Genius".
and, Anderson Cooper facts checks rump. 10 min.
and ann coulter: ouch!
and, trump: the bottomless Pinocchio

Read that mike pence lawyered up. Looks like that was a good idea. Rachael Maddow expose mike pence. 15 min.

and, trump had pence in that meeting with Pelosi and Schumer for backup. pence was furniture. Didn't say one word. Of course, he's a cowardly weasel. That's pense at his best--blending in with the curtains. He looked like Weekend at Bernie's--and trump was pissed.
and, trump is enraged.

Renowned constitutional law professor, Lawrence Tribe.
Lawrence O.Donnell 8 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:03 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3978
michael cohen's day in court for sentencing: Prison time, fines and restitution. And, who gets immunity and who stands in peril. 5 minutes

malaria trump has the audacity to call someone else an opportunist. They are perfect for each other. She's every bit as shallow, hollow, worthless, on the take, whiny, and phony as he is.

Trevor Noah, 5 minutes

Secretary of state/former head of CIA (appointed by rump), mike pompeo, is disgusting and debased himself on national TV. 5 minutes

david pecker, national enquirer, has been granted immunity for cooperating with Mueller. 4 min.

Evil mike pence--cowardly mike pence

More and more witness against trump, and now SDNY will be looking into all his businesses and taxes. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Lawrence O'Donnell 7 min.

Whiny, baby, poop butt was up at 6AM to bloviate his shit to the world. Click on the links to his tweets.
and, listen to this shit--h's really reaching.

This just adds to rump's troubles.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 6:35 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Jimmy Kimmel: People don't realize that rump is all about BS. In fact, he's the king of BS. 1 minute
and, George Conway (a highly successful and respected D.C. attorney and kelleyanne's husband) sums it up.
and, Jonathon Pie roasts rump's twitter. 7 minutes
and, rump moves to deport Viet Nam war refugees. He's mad. Check out the faces of the homeland security people around him. What's that tell you?
and, stick a fork in him--he's cooked.
2 videos from Rachael Maddow. The first 23 minutes. For the second 9 minute video, click on the link below the first to try and stay on top of rump's total shit storm. Watch both of them. Like Rick Wilson says, everything trump touches, dies. rump is a complete and total fraud--always has been. Corruption is a way of life to this pathological, demented psychopath. And, the republicans have allowed this clusrerfuck to happen.

The Last Word, 13 minutes He is so fucked, but he keeps on twisting like a worm on a fish hook. That hideous, circus clown make up tells you a lot about this lying loser. Too bad he was not caught earlier--he's done so much harm to so many for way too long. He's always been gutter garbage. 13 minutes

He is the king of idiots. We are his victims. On the verge of extinction. Excellent article. Read it. You are here.

michael cohen on good morning America. Of course, trump directed cohen to set up payments to bury the stories of him with women. Firstly, trump is a control freak. Why would cohen take it upon himself to intercede with these women? How would he know about these affairs? The lies have been bent and twisted so many times. 10 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:54 am

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Lawrence O'Donnell 5 minutes 7 year old Jakelin dies while in custody.
Border patrol routinely destroys water and food left for migrants crossing the desert. Why? It's one thing to not want them here, but it's a whole other thing to want them dead.
and, the feds are arresting volunteers who leave water and or food.

Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court quits the republican party over the kavanaugh confirmation to the
U.S. supreme court.

When and how russia bought trump. He's not a great 'deal' maker--he's not a great businessman. He's compromised and has been for decades.

Another incompetent, corrupt rump appointee has pushed it as far as he can. Zinke is out at Interior.

3 short videos from Samantha Bee. All 3 about 20 minutes.

Despite the fact that mulvaney said he didn't want the job (everyone has said they don't want the job--except kushner), it looks like he's the man. What a fucking mess.
and, here's the reality

Every single fucking thing about trump and his administration is an absolute shit storm.

one of the others
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