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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Oct 18, 2020 5:25 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Finally, a dance partner 4 Elaine Beniz. flotus is a lucky woman.

Character counts. Character counts week. I wonder which of his stooges came up with this. Very funny. 4 min

I love the sound of Jeff Tiedrich's tweets in the morning.

part 2
Representative Hakeem Jeffries goes there!

Federal judge strikes down scumbag's plan 2 slash food stamps 4 700,000 unemployed ppl.

Here's a cute sign.

scumbag's Michigan nazi rally. And, the suckers and losers go wild. 20 seconds

Yes, he is a clear and present danger. Yes, he is as much of a danger 2 the rest of the world as he is here. He always has been--from day 1. No, we r not rounding any corner. He is a liar--a serial, mass murderer. No, we r not rounding any corners. He, his republican sycophants, and his sucker/loser cultists r drenched in blood. 6 min

Part 3
Absolutely Hilarious

Why scumbag and his republican congressional ass lickers want 2 make what they r calling 'court packing' the foremost topic of conversation. 8 min

part 4
Here ya go. He da man. Total 'stud muffin'--with emphasis on muffin.

Great Halloween 2020 voting advice.

Contender 4 favorite yard sign

This dude is in front of dumpf tower every day donin this stuff.

The pathetic drama queen and his pathetic whores put this shit out.

The idiocy of leaving the World Health Organizer (especially during a fucking pandemic). The loser moron and another 1 of his 'bright' ideas.
John Oliver 18+ min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:48 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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scumbag won't like this. Wait 4 the protracted whine. He has 2 be dealt with like the 2 year old he is emotionally.
and, he/they have already whined about the debate topics. Shit, they gave them 2 them in advance. Why did he wait so long 2 whine about them?

part 2
Yes, scumbag is a terrorist, but he's so much more. Most terrorists r religious, racial, etc, zealots of some kind. scumbag is none of that. He has no driving philosophy. His only passion is himself. He is exceedingly mentally deranged. That insanity drives his unimaginable cruelty and his orgasmic delight in asserting that cruelty. He is a malignant sadist as well as a malignant narcissist. Those 2 deviant behaviors r completely compatible. He is delusional. His reality is incumbent on the vagaries of his reptilian brain. He doesn't act. He reacts. Everything is a reaction--even when there is no action 2 react 2. That's why he lies when he doesn't have 2. His brain stem (like a lizard) dictates. Truly, this is 1 scary guy.I said from the beginning, this presidency will destroy him. We r watching it live. He's the kind of nut that doesn't go down alone. Stay tuned.
Keith Olbermann: The Worst Person In The World #9

Admiral in charge of bin laden raid endorces Joe Biden. Read this.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 12:01 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6292
Keith Olbermann: The Worst Person In The World #10
Ain't nobody better. It's music 2 my ears. Share.

part 2
Huh? WTF! These marks, these suckers and losers really think he cares about them--relates 2 them. It was 50 degrees there, not 40. 1 min

'Scream" 2020 2 min

Mary Trump: "quit pretending he's normal". He's not. He's completely aberrant.

Impeachment of attorney general bill barr is long overdue.

How scumbag moved millions from campaign donations 2 his private business. Much more at link.

part 3
Jimmy Kimmel 13+ min

Look at what the vengeful, twisted, unhinged, sick ass bastard is threatening now.

Again, he knew. Again, he chose 2 bury it. How in the fuck can anyone support this murdering lunatic?? Rachael Maddow 3 min

one of the others
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