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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 6:28 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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It tweeted. It whined.

George Conway (kelleyannes's better halt( gets real about unfit, evil scumbag. 1 1/2 min.

Part 2
scumbag's payroll tax scheme would bankrupt social security by 2023.

Well, looky here, scumbag's kid takes the 5th.

part 3
"It's all propaganda. Let's b clear here--whats true and what's not true". It's the 1st day of the rnc's convention. Rachael maddow 3 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 5:59 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
Cranks and misfits.It's a total shitshow. It's an insult, a violation, an assault. 5 mn
and, holy shit, r they all 'coked up"? Inquiring minds want 2 know.

Don't cry 4 kellyanne or any one of the other corrupted, lying sycophants that aided and abetted the destruction and very near collapse of this nation at the hands of an insane, treasonous scumbag president and a worthless, lying worm of a vice president. Hundreds of thousands r dead, hundreds of thousands have had their lives destroyed. There must b justice, they must pay, and this must never happen again.
This is an excellent article.

part 2
Forbes: scumbag has funneled 2.3 million dollars from his campaign fund 2 himself. Hey, grifters gotta grift. He's an incurable, unrepentant thief. Link at end of article.

George Takei FTW.

scumbag offered pardons 2 those who would implement his illegal desires. Of fucking course he did. He is completely unscrupulous. His wanton cruelty and imperious delusions know no bounds. 1 min Excellent thread.
and, like I said from the beginning--he's a sadist.

republican national convention day1: national embarressment/dystopian lunacy. 15 min

Brian Williams w guest, Steve Schmidt. 2 short videos

scumbag puts a mouthpiece that worked 4 fox, then worked for oann, the scumbag supporting, conspiracy theory tv station, in a media position 2 speak 4 the FDA (food and drug administration). She will lie and say anything scumbag wants her 2 say--in fact, she is already dispersing his lies in the name of the FDA. She, like everyone else he has put in a position of authority is a rubber stamp and works 4 him--not in the best interests of the American people. They r all the lowest of the low. scumbag is eating this government from the inside out--like a parasite--which he is. Read down 5 tweets.

Part 3
Every fucking thing he sez is a lie--the eternal con. This executive order 2 lower drug prices--bull shit. Just noise. Just like about a month ago he said he would have an announcement of a new health plan 'in 2 weeks'. Remember? That was over a month ago, just like everything else--NOTHING.

Rick Wilson comments on day 1 of the republican/trump shitshow.

New York, New Jersey, and Hawaii file a lawsuit against scumbag and his postmaster, dejoy.

Projected on scumbag hotel. Great thread
#trumpisacompletefailure Great Thread

scmbag Impersonator 2+ min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2020 4:49 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
Yes, she's every bit the shameless whore he is. They r made 4 each other. To berate other ppl for gossip when she lives with the biggest gossip monger going? Remember when she was out front on the Obama birther lie? Be best, my ass. She's as much the lowlife phony, liar and hustler he is. 3 min
and, as in...
and, Jeff Teidrich tweet.
and, there isn't anything these 2 grifter whores and his/their whole grifter family of whores, won't exploit.

Puerto Ricons r American citizens--period. They r born American citizens. guilfoyle is some real lying trash. She always was when she worked at fox, but she's bumped it up since joining the scumbag family.

This was absolutely luscious 2 behold. stuart varney (have seen videos with him in passing, he's a big scumbag supporter-never watched him on fox-i find him appalling) had a Nobel winning economist, Paul Romer, on his program who did not hold back. He called, both, larry kudlow (phony tv clown economist) and stephen moore liars 4 hire and scumbag admin dishonest. 3+ min

Sweet! Hey, grifters, gotta grift.

The fucking coward put up another fence. I wonder how much that cost.

part 2
OMFG! This pathetic, sad ass, buffoon, tragically unhinged clown.

So, scumbag is all about rewriting history--actually something he does with regularity and always has. In others words, LYING. I think it's really ironic that he gets a black man to rewrite the charlottesville history about his defense of white supremacists.
This guy's got some insider trading problems in the works. Is he angling 4 a pardon? I mean, hell, there is video tape. WTF! That's some major size audacity to think they can pull that story off. Come on, man. Read this thread. Good. 12 sec
and, Joy Reid fact checks him in real time.

Just silly/funny.

malaria sez we deserve total honesty from our presidents. These quacks crack me up.

LeBron James gets active

mike pense flat out MFing lied 2 keep the fear factor as high as possible. The murderer is a far right nut job boogaloo boi. Everyone in the republican party needs 2 b destroyed. They r all liars and thieves. Most r traitors 2 the country and Constitution.

At th white house tonite.1 min
and, fuck trump chant.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 8:08 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
2nd Dept homeland security official speaks out against scumbag and is voting 4 Joe Biden. 2+ min

Trevor Noah-Awesome. Awesome thread.

Lincoln Project ad: Daughters 1+ min

Ex-scumbag DHS official: there r ppl who hold white nationalist views in the white house/scumbag administration.
I think that goes without saying. From day one, that was blatantly obvious. 8+ min

Yes, scumbag is the pig, and America is the trough. And, this pig has been at that trough feeding, gorging, since day 1. Yes, he is a brazen self dealer. He (and the rest of his grossly sordid, entire, family--every fucking 1 of them) is an opportunistic disease.

part 2
The Brutal truth. Oh yeah, He's a tuff guy, a bg man--maybe when it comes grabbing pussies. In reality, he's a coward, a bloated showboat, a loudmouth bully who always has someone else do his dirty work. He doesn't care about u, your kids, this country, this world. All he cares about is himself. Everything else can go 2 hell. Everything is a means 2 an end--only 2 b used 2 serve his needs and purpose--disposable. Yeah, he is the definition of despicable/pernicious. Don't trust him with anything. i+ min from VoteVets

Whoa. Don Winslow's new ad about the conways. Several days ago, on social media, their 15 yr old daughter said she was trying 2 b emancipated bc of abuse. Father said he was backing off twitter, and mother said her speech at the scumbag hate fest would be her last--she had family matters 2 take care of. 2= min

The ACLU is not involved in the kenosha debacle. A couple links.

part 3
Trevor Noah 7 minutes of brilliance

Things that make u go hmmm. That, by the way, is princess ivanks passing and walking up 2 daddy. 3 sec

Trevor Noah 6+ min. Another prime example of scumbag not doing his job as a president, and another prime example of him sabotaging this election and skirting campaign finance laws. Yeah, he's real filth.
and, 10 min. more filth
and, the NBA strike, more scumbag underhandedness, and a hurricane. 8+ min

Mary Trump explains how the rnc is designed 2 mask scumbag's endless character flaws. Rachael Maddow 15 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 7:37 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
This is Joe Biden's America. Excuse me? This disaster is happening in real time (covid/death, collapsed economy, tens of millions unemployed, racial strife, hunger, massive inability 4 millions 2 pay rent/mortgage, businesses closing 4 good/bankruptcies, etc).

scumbag motorcade saluted leaving DC.

Yep. The Liberal Redneck 4+ min

Trevor Noah: scumbad's 70 minute, other worldly, boring ass, nomination acceptance speech. 10 min.
Question #1, as always--Why the fuck does no one ever say anything about his makeup. Who the fuck presents that way in public? It was totally plastered on, AND look at the line. If a female appeared that way, she would face a lifetime of ridicule. He looks like a circus clown. WTF!!
Meanwhile, Noah is spot on.

Mike pence is a slimy worm of a man. He is an unaccomplished loser who makes his way thru life as a lying suckup hypocrite. He is vomit.
Fact checking this pathetic lying puke. 3+ min

part 2
More of Mary Trump's recordings w scumbag's sister. She said she has 15 hrs of recordings. 9 min

The republican's say the democrats convention was 'dark'. No, it wasn't. The republican convention is insane. It's all about hell fire--and worse. What is wrong with ppl that they buy into their shit? 3 min

Trevor Noah dissects mealy mouthed, wormy mike pence's total sack-o-shit lying speech. I mean, everything was a lie. 10 min

scumbag is our greatest national security risk And our greatest super spreader. 5 in

Jonathon Pie 5 min. Sound familiar?

Fact checking scumbag--the pathological serial liar. 10 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2020 9:04 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
part 3
mar-a-lago: sketchy shakedown palace--grifters and shady business.

Well, no shit,

Ppl r still drinking bleach. 5 min

part 4
scumbag's wet dream is a reality once again. 1 dead in Portland.
scumbag suporters/militias.

Armed scumbag supporter in florida. twitter video

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 6:17 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
scumbag sez he's gonna save the American dream 4 working ppl. He doesn't care about working ppl. He is aided in this lie by every republican. There is no dream 4 working ppl with scumbag in office calling the shots. The nitemare scumbag serves up is/hasn't been seen since the Great Depression. And, as hideous as it is, the horror will get worse. This is a terrible, terrible thing--and, it, so sadly, didn't have 2 b this way. He has so totally fucked up everything.

1.2 million ppl applied 4 unemployment. 20th straight week of like kind numbers. And, there r some massive layoffs impending. Let's hear it 4 scumbag's great economy. 1 min
and, As in,

Tiffany feels your pain. How fuckingly mind numbing, unreal is this.

He calls this a great economy. He should b layin off that adderall.

scumbag's plan 2 scrap social security tax would reduce benefits by 2021.

part 2
If he was just worthless, that would be livable. But, jared kushner is involved w everything, and he fucks everything up. Just like his scumbag father-in-law, he is unfit, incompetent, unprincipled, corrupt. The peter principle personified--elevated 2 a position of his greatest incompetence. He could not attain a degree of greater incompetence.
660,000 dollars. 46, yes, 46, ventilators. russia. None of them worked.
They defy imagination.

It's bc he's guilty, isn't it. Who would withhold DNA 2 prove their innocence?

4 all of his self-glorious platitudes, turns out rod rosenstein crippled the Mueller report, but didn't tell anyone. He's 1 MFing evil 'genius'. Well, didn't this asshole alter history. He should b vilified, universally. His treachery should fill the history books.

This article is long, but should b read by everyone. This is not a dress rehearsal. AMERICA IS DYING.
scumbag's reelection will finalize his/their coup. Unless u're part of the 1%/the elite, kiss your ass good bye. This should incentivize younger ppl. Will they rise 2 the occasion and vote?
If he wins, the U.S. will join the ranks of the 'shithole' countries. Think russia. There will b rich ppl and there will b peasants.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:48 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
John Oliver 20 min The republican convention, the shootings in kenosha, and the NBA strike.
Every year he wins an Emmy, and every year he deserves it.

Sounds about white.
and, self defense.

ghouliani--OMG! 16 sec Excellent thread.

Guess which 1.

part 2
Joe Biden's speech, condensed. 4 min
Who will keep u safer? Do u really feel safe?

OMFG! Now the greasy, orange oozing abscess wants 2 indoctrinate ur children ala N. Korean style. That's exactly what kim jung un does 2 produce adoring citizen/soldier zombies. scumbag is so sick--so dangerous.

2 funny. 2 cool 40 sec

Joe Biden is running 4 president--literally. Meanwhile, the bloated, greasy orange slug drags his fat ass along.
By the way, scumbag had a stroke last year. That's why they rushed him to Walter Reed. It is imperative 2 administer a blood thinner as soon as possible 2 halt damage. Notice his right leg. He now kicks it along. That's why he stumbled on stairs a couple of days ago, It was his weak right leg that gave out. Pay attention 2 his right leg when he walks. The American ppl r supposed 2 b aware of the health of the president. Just like everything else, he lies and covers up. 40 sec

scumbag sez that the Manhattan DA getting 8 yrs of his tax returns would cause him irreparable harm. Well, fuck--that can only mean 1 thing--he's dirty as hell. Seriously!! Irreparable harm? And, like I said, he's going 2 sully the supreme court with another 1 of his crimes. What a fucking POS loser.

part 3
scumbag defends this guy.
rittenhouse beats up girls, 2. He's especially lethal when he's part of a gang. Or, better yet, when her back is turned/when he's behind her. 1 1/2 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2020 4:30 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
So, maybe it wasn't 'a' stroke. Maybe it was a series of mini-strokes.
As in,
and, might call this an admission

scumbag tries to scare/threaten 'serberban' (his word , not mine--he has the best words) women (presumably white) with Cory Booker. U know, Stanford graduate, Rhodes scholar, Yale law degree, once ran into a burning building 2 save a woman, unlike scumbag--never accused of rape or sexual assault, vegan, yes, that Cory Booker.

OMFG, how do we, Americans, recover/evolve/advance from the insanity of these crazy wack job religious fanatics and their lunatic parishioners and the equally crazy, whack job president. They feed off each other. Symbiosis. Like carrion and maggots. Disaster,
Rachael Maddow 5 min

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 3:13 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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scumbag keeps lying. That's no surprise. What is a surprise is the ppl stupid enough 2 believe him. 5 min
and, itemizing (some) scumbag's lies, delusions, conspiracy theories, fantasies from his interview with fox host. He's really unhinged. He doesn't know jack shit. He is totally clueless about facts (about anything) and completely detached from reality. This whole 'herd immunity' thing he is now focusing on is BS. He is so nuts and so very dangerous. 16 min

part 2
VoteVets-Losing 1 min
and, The 1ST 1 min

So, this is scumbag's new guy--Dr. Fauci replacement. The guy he found on fox. 4 min

Read it and weep. He is a serial, mass murderer.

part 3
Brianna Keilar is awesome and fearless. Here she calls out scumbag 4 the lying, racist POS he is.
No, Portland is not burning now, and it has not been burning 4 decades. Absolute, fucking, lie--just like everything the seeps and oozes from that anal like mouth of his. Crime is monstrously up since he has 'been in office'. The only thing he has 2 try and win this election is fear/terror. Not only is he the nation's #1 security threat, he is this nation's #1 terrorist. Yes, scumbag is a homegrown terrorist. 9 min

Ready 4 Halloween.

Yo, Joe. Spank that flabby ass. Word is he likes it.

Yes, he's crazy. Stark raving, clinically. 45 sec

part 4
Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (NY) response 2 scumbag's plane of thugs.

POW (Lincoln Project) 1 min

OMFG, how do we, Americans, ever recover from the insanity of these crazy, whack job religious fanatics and their, equally, lunatic parishioners? This president is completely insane and will align himself with any force that will compliment him (they like me) or vote 4 him. Symbiosis. They feed off each other. Like carrion and maggots. Disaster/dire. He/they r, systematically, destroying this country. That is no hyperbole. Rachael Maddow 5 min

scumbag's new medical advisor bozo. Yeah, he found him on fox. Rachael Maddow 4 min

Not only is it illegal to do, It's illegal 4 him 2 tel them 2 do it. It's endless. Rachael Maddow 2+ min
It's a felony.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 10:06 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
Jeff Tiedrich tweet FTW

part 2
Completely unhinged and hardcore racists tropes. 9 min

Major General (retired) responds 2 scumbag's disrespect of our military. 2 min (remember scumbag had 5 deferments--then developed bone spurs).
and, u c, Eisenhower was there.
and, scumbag calls them "losers and suckers".

It's a long article, so here r the bullet points from the Atlantic article.
and, here's the Atlantic article. It's long, but should b read.
Lawrence O'Donnell: Senators Kerrey and Moulton react 2 scumbag's disrespect and cowardliness. Yes, scumbag is a traitor. 7 min

scumbag believed he was tight with Arnold Palmer. Palmer thought scumbag was disgusting (Palmer was a republican). Also, how scumbag got the nickname Pele.

School reopenings r a national emergency bc of scumbag's incompetence, stupidity, and complete indifference about the health of teachers, school employees, and our country's children. 3 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:51 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
Veteran groups condemn scumbag; call him a disgrace. About time. Wasn't calling John McCain a loser bc he was captured enough?
and, about Belleau Wood. Remember this is about the ceremony to honor fallen WW1 Marines in France scumbag skipped bc it was raining--he didn't want to mess up his hair, He called the dead Marines losers. Beau of the 5th Column 7 min
and, Obama in the rain,

JFC, there isn't anything scumbag can't or won't fuck up. It's really strange, also, since he has always been a whack job anti-vaccer. 7 min

Feds: scumbag supporters (heavily armed) plotted trip 2kenosha to 'pick ppl off. scumbag has created American carnage. Welcome, ya'll.

part 2
Yes, emphatically, scumbag is the most loathsome. He is in a category all his own. But, his entire family shares that space. They r all despicable/loathsome/putrid.
Who would b alright with stealing money from a charity for kids with cancer? All of them, the lowest of the low.

The measure of this appalling, mentally unhinged, weak, cowardly, thieving, lying, hate filled/spewing, low IQ, vile, delusional, emotionally retarded, morally, ethically, spiritually bankrupt of the most remote semblance of anything normal conman/grifter is found in this statement from Lawrence O'Donnell. Read this.

VoteVets: Gold Stars 1 min
and, this deserves a repeat.

A visibly angry Biden rips scumbag. 5 min

Signs placed at Army recruitment office.

Just another con from the lying, scumbag whore.
October vaccine unlikely. No shit. Duh!

Well, this speaks volumes, doesn't it. Another law enforcement union endorses scumbag.

part 3
Howard Dean tweet responds 2 scumbag's comments.

As always, Brianna Keilar is a bad ass. She's fearless. 11 min

From Captain "Sully' Sullenberger.

Rage Against the Machine 5+ min
But, will they vote?

There r no coincidences. She's every bit the POS he is. They belong together. I really don't care. Do you> Click on photo.

part 4
Holy shit. Fox brings receipts. Hell is freezing over. 2 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 6:15 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
A tweet from Montel Williams (Williams is, both, a Marine and Navy vet).

The Liberal Redneck 4 min

part 2
John Oliver 29 min. Nov.13, 2016
Who couldn't c this coming?

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 2:13 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
A tweet from Montel Williams (Williams is, both, a Marine and Navy vet).

The Liberal Redneck 4 min

part 2
John Oliver 29 min. Nov.13, 2016
Who couldn't c this coming?

part 3
scumbag continues 2 worship at the temple of scumbag and commits another national obscenity bc the cowardly c**t can. Following giving the hideous, do nothing positive 4 this country, bottom feeder rush limbaugh the nation's highest award (after limbaugh praised him), scumbag commits another national atrocity bc len holtz disparages Joe Biden (holtz is a solid scumbag supporter).

Of course, he finds them disgusting. I mean, come on.

Get a clue, Vets. Scan down to the replies-6 & 7. A little reality check. 5 min

Gold Star father slams scumbag 4 the needless death of his son. And, veterans denounce scumbag. 5 min

Fact checking the lying POS.
scumbag did not call malonia--she was in France with him. General John Kelly went in his place, and he showed up.

Tweet from Ron Perlman.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 6:27 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 6179
Imagine... Fucking seriously!!!

and, here's the video. 3+ min

Pete Buttigieg owns fox. Awesome. He's gonna b a great asset in the Biden/Harris admin. He's so smart. 6 min
Vote, Vote, Vote.

scumbag should b thrown out of office and charged with terrorism threats. He is encouraging his nut case cultists to attack Steve Job's widow He is 1 sick MFer.

part 2
95 yr old WW2 vet calls scumbag out 4 the white trash, draft dodging, lowlife coward he is. Awesome. My god, WW2 in the Pacific. Read ur history.
and, flush the turd November 3rd.

Rep (D) Seth Moulton (Marine Corp vet) addresses the horror of scumbag. 6 min

Of course, every single person in scumbag's orbit s corrupt. I hope dejoy goes down.

He lied 2 congress. lock him up. I bet scumbag told him if there was a problem, he could pardon him.

one of the others
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