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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2020 3:02 pm

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Good god!

Further conformation scumbag is insane.

betsy devos (secretary of education), bought her position. She is an evangelical, mega billionaire who, with all her family, contributed many millions of dollars to scumbag's campaign. No one could b more illequipped 2 run that department--no one. Everyone, fucking everyone, scumbag has put in positions of power is wrong. They r all corporate or religious whores. But, devos is at the top of the list 4 wrong--and that's saying something. She's the worst of the worst.
and, flashbacks 2 her congressional hearing
with Senator Al Franken--deer in the head lights devos 8 min
and, Senator Bernie Sanders 6 min

well played, Chelsea Handler.

I got your incredible numbers right here. He's a fucking disaster.

OH, man, The Lincoln Project is pumping out videos like crazy (the Lincoln Project is a group of right wing republican never trumpers). scumbag will really hate this 1. These guys r really good at what they do--totally vicious. They don't like scumbag (at all) and they really hate what he has done 2 the republican party. But, scumbag makes it easy 4 them. They don't even have 2 lie-even a little. Story Hour 2+ min

She's as corrupt, stupid, pathetic, and sick as he is.

part 2
Indiana grandmother who voted for scumbag won't do it again. This is good. 3 min

scumbag retaliated against Lt Col Vindeman and attempted 2deny Vindeman's promotion. Thank Senator Tammy Duckworth 4 that promotion going through. She's a veteran and doesn't fuck around.
and, the fallout from scumbag's interference.

New ad, scumbag gets an F.

Oh my, oh my, OMG. The fucking moron. Look at this hideous buffoon. At the desk in the oval office.

Trevor Noah 5 min

part 3
Chris Hayes--scumbag 2020
and, the plan is 2 have no plan. Chris Hayes 6 min.

peter navarro is an economist. He is a top presidential advisor and lead guy on trade and manufacturing. He wrote an article attacking Dr. Fauci. 4 min
and, I don't believe peter navarro 'went rogue'. navarro learns the hard way. scumbag threw him under the bus. 4 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Jul 16, 2020 8:05 pm

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scumbag get his pandemic priorities straight,

Well, looky here. Not a hoax anymore? His son gets it, so now it's real.

Whoa! Author Don Winslow says he has given up writing 2 devote all of his time 2 getting rid of scumbag (and all republicans). He is self funding and not asking 4 contributions. The only thing he asks is that you share his videos--retweet, facebook, etc. This 1 is very powerful. This 1 is right on the money.
and, scumbag does not care about your kids. None of the republicans in congress do. Beau of the fifth column min
and, about opening schools. Beau 6 min

Anderson Cooper is definitely on his J,O.B. 10+ min

Fuckin A. That's really it.

Seriously, u can't make this shit up. White house: science should not stand in the way of reopening schools.

scumbag demands payroll tax cut in nxt covid relief bill. That's your social security. He they will try and fin any excuse 2 deplete social security funds. republicans have been trying to undermine social security 4 decades.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:34 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
Mary Trump's interview with George Stephonopouulos. 1 hr.
and, almost 1 million books sold the 1 st day. scumbag's legion of idiots ill not be reading it, tho.

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:51 pm

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Mary Trump's interview with George Stephonopouulos. 1 hr.
and, almost 1 million books sold the 1 st day. scumbag's legion of idiots ill not be reading it, tho.

Don Lemon: hoe dumb America has become. Yes, it is pathetically alarming. 12 min

scumbag is nuts--truly insane. He is a serial murder.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jul 17, 2020 8:18 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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If scumbag can't cut social security (it would be another another tax cut 4 business), scumbag will sign no further financial aid 4 Americans. Without continued financial aid, about 20 million evictions r pending. So for scumbag, a tax cut 4 business and cutting social security is a 2fer.

The white house will not allow the CDC to testify at next week's hearing on safely reopening schools. WTF!!

Yes, dr. birx is a slimy, ass licking piece of shit. She's lied 4 scumbag, openly, b4. She sat silently when he talked about consuming/injecting disinfectant and putting light, somehow (guess), into the body r sterilization purposes. She was the choice for the pandemic task force of ass licking, lying, pathetic weakling whore, evangelical dirt bag from indiana--mike pence.

part 2
Mary Trump: 6 minutes w Rachael Maddow

What was the sick reason scumbag did this. He is sooo tragically pathetic. and twisted.

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 3:35 pm

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Following scumbag's logic (lunacy illogic) Dan Rather has a plan. Hell, this could work with everything. Easy breazy.

Cheering crowds await scumbag as he approaches his golf course this morning. Turn the sound up.

Rachael Maddow w Mary Trump. Mary's the normal 1.
3+ min

scumbag has unleashed his goon squad on the streets of Portland, Oregon. They r the customs and border patrol headed by homeland security. They look like they just walked off the set of Terminator. This is the private police force scumbag has been cultivating from day 1. It's his 'dominate the streets' thing. Bc scumbag is a coward, a weakling, and an unmasculine bloated puff ball/pasty dough boy, he needs 2 surround himself and command a heavily militarized horde of barbarians 2 feel like a man. He thinks it makes him appear 2 b among their ranks. Of course, his actions r unconstitutional--and, of course, he has the blessing of attorney general, bill bar. Unreal! 2 min.
and, Steve Schmidt rant...

part 2
That's right, never a bottom.

Chris Cuomo w Mary Trump 10 min

He doesn't want 2 b distracted by this virus thing. He's got real business 2 take care of. He's got an election 2 win. 6 min

scumbag's amerika. This is just the start. 1 min
homeland security official defends 'kidnappings' by scumbag's goon n Portland.
Revealed: they lack proper training. It's all about brute force. They r truly scumbag's goons.
This is what scumbag does. He creates a disaster and then claims he fixed it. He wants 2 take credit 4 something he created and then says he fixed it. He wants 2 win the election as the law and order president. He is turning the page on the virus. Meanwhile, 75,000 ppl became infected yesterday. It's right out of richard nixon's playbook. Meanwhile, he and everybody in his orbit, break laws and r wallowing in crime. 6 min

part 3
scumbag wanted to slow testing, but now he doesn't want to fund it. Couldn't b any worse person in charge right now. He's an insane monster, serial murder.
In fact, he wants 2 block all covid related funding. Several short videos.

Trevor Noah: what the hell happened this week. 22+ min

part 4
The governor of Oregon asked scumbag's secret police goon squad 2 leave her state. They said no--refused. This is a preview of what scumbag has planned 4 many other cities. He's campaigning as the law and order president--and, he's desperate. read this thread.

Al Franken is just the best. He was such a GD good, honest senator.

Retired 3 star general Honore calls BS on scumbag's secret police.

scumbag threatens amerika. 1 min
mike pence is such a pathetic douche.
This is a fascist police state.
and, the coup truly begins. He's been planning this since day 1. 2 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 7:46 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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scumbag fucks up everything. Everything he touches turns 2 shit. Click on both tweet links.
Portland, Oregon
Portland moms hit the front lines--get gassed.
Portland residents r pissed. scumbag has violently invaded their city. This is all a sick, twisted, demented campaign ploy. 1) change the subject from the devastating pandemic 2 law and order. 2) appeal 2 his dumb bell cultists in other states who buy into his fear factor world. 3) racism
from a Portland resident.

Part 2
Yep, this is how it starts. 1+ min

This is an excellent article. Kinda long, but excellent. Follow the bouncing ball.
Bottom line--scumbag listened 2 dr. birx (she told him what he wanted 2 hear) instead of Dr. Fauci. And, scumbag's ultimate goal, the 'state authority handoff' In other words, shifting the blame. He fucking totally owns this hideous disaster--100% So far, over 141,000 dead. A Ruined economy. Ain't nowhere near over.

These 2 r now part of scumbag's campaign.

So,So,So,So,So,So Very Nuts. 3 min.

scumbag's good buddy, kanye west, is running 4 president, then he is not, but, now, he's back on. He's on the ballot in oklahoma (that required a fee of $35K.
He did his 1st campaign rally in S. Carolina today. It was a doozy. U can vote the democratic party, or the republican party, or kanye's new party--the birthday party. OK.
west attacks Harriot Tubman at his 1st rally. 1 min twitter video
Here ya go...
and, there's more. Remember, west is 'born again' and into it big time. He holds rallies with those 'prosperity preachers". a couple twitter videos

The Moms r back tonite on the streets of Portland. scumbag has galvanized these mothers.
well, the ugly orange c**t said he'd build a wall. Mission accomplished.

Back to kanye. There's this.

Moms r now chanting, feds stay clear--moms r here. So scumbag brought out the moms. Good work, scummy.

What a lame brain, stupid, MFing, Ahole idiot. He is a republican, New Mexico county commissioner AND the head of 'cowboys for scumbag'. This is scumbag's base. fucking morons. 2 min twitter video

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 3:24 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
'Naked Athena' She stopped them cold.
The revolution is female. Between 'Naked Athena' and the moms, scumbag has a problem. And, I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from.

Confused, rattled, angry, ignorant. 4 min
From laughable 2 pitiful. This is the guy with nuclear codes. This is the guy in cf a pandemic. 9 min
scumbag has turned America into a basket case. 6+ min

And, off again.

part 2
How cool, how smart. Following in the footsteps of the amazing, incredibly brave protestors in Hong Kong. The eyes of America r on Portland. The hearts of America r w Portland. They have been invaded by scumbag's private military. Read the thread.

Conservative (very), George Will said he is voting 4 Joe Biden. Whoa!

Adding insult 2 injury. scumbag was already upset with the positive attention Anthony Fauci was getting. Woo-Hoo

Finally calling scumbag out 2 b the lying incompetent he is and has been from day 1. 9 min

scumbag is getting ready 2 invade Chicago. Police union head invited him in (a fucking scumbag supporter). Ya know, the law and order president. He wont do anything about covid that is ravaging this country, but looky here, law and order. He will only make things worse. Chicago is not Portland.

part 3
Yeah, this is the real question.

Fareed Zacharia: scumbag's conspiracy theories that have eroded our democracy. 6 min

What an Ahole, MFing, lame brain, stupid idiot. This moron is a New Mexico republican county commissioner, AND, dimwit here, is the head of 'cowboys 4 scumbag'. This is scumbag's imbecilic base. 2 min twitter video.

Jake Tapper: scumbag's refusal 2 lead has a body count. 10 min

Jeff Tiedrich tweet

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 6:56 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
Trevor Noah 11 min

Navy Veteran who voted 4 scumbag. 2 min

part 2
4 scumbag, and his whole worthless, blood sucking family, the grift never ends.

Howard Fineman tweet on 'scumbag troopers; It's putin's playbook. Coming attractions.

How scumbag's gestapo treats our veterans. 1 min


part 3
Finally, a voice of reason. Calling out the all the pathetic whiny, idiot losers who can't wear a mask. 1 minute twitter video at end of article is a must see. Thank You

scumbag makes his NFL owner buddy an ambassador--then he asks the guy 2 pimp 4 him--and, the fucker does. GRIFTERS GOTTA GRIFT!

Fucking vote this MFER out! 1 min

scumbag wishes the sex trafficker/predator 'well'. They go way back.

Michael Cohen is suing bill barr. barr wanted him 2 sign papers that would prevent him from taking 2 media and would suppress the book he is writing about scumbag. Again, barr does scumbag's dirty work.

part 4
The demonstration in Portland tonite is massive. Before scumbag sent in his goons, demonstrators were down 2 a hundred or so. Tonite, at least 2 thousand. The dads joined the moms tonite. There isn't anything scumbag can't fuck up. Good thread--many different thoughts.


Looks like Chuck Todd has finally grown a spine. His reporting has been like this for about a couple of weeks. 3 min

Signs in Portland

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2020 6:17 pm

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Posts: 5930
scumbag's covid update--all by himself. 2 videos 5 and 2 min

"U've already killed enough Americans". 6 min

scumbag's goons attack the moms.

Compare 2 what we have now. Not even close. Michele, among so many other positives, is fun and endearing. Current--I don't care, Do u? Absolutely ghastly. 2 min

part 2
Apologizing 2 the world. He is the scum at th bottom of the swamp. Please do not vote 4 that monster. 2 min

For telling the truth. WTF have we become.

part 3
OMFG! This actually happened--intentionally. He is completely off his rocker. He's completely nuts and completely dangerous. Click on link below photo.

This is the best video. It totally captures the loony buffoon/conman/sideshow crackpot/mentally unhinged/disgusting wretch scumbag is. 8 min

scumbag has no loyalty 2 anyone or anything. There is no one he will not throw under the bus. Everyone and every thing exists 2 b used. All r easily discarded when they no longer serve his purpose/meet his needs. Beau of the 5th Column 4 min

Trevor Noah One of scumbag's boat rallies. 6 min.
and, Noah 7 min

republican voters against scumbag: 5 short videos

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2020 2:57 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 5930
The Liberal Redneck: scumbag's Secret Police 3 min

Yale economist: scumbag's covid 19 failures make double dip recession unavoidable. Sho'nuff, scumbag has run the government like he ran his businesses--into the fucking ground.

HFS!! What an embarrassing display. 4 min

Yeah, imagine. 2 min

Judge orders Michael Cohen released from prison by Friday. scumbag's and attorney bill barr's retaliatory, strong arm tactics did not work.
Cohen was returned 2 prison after he refused 2 sign an 'agreement' stating he would not talk 2 the media or write a book--which he is doing and will release before the election.
"There is a tendency 2 go numb from all the abuses". Ex-federal prosecutors blast bill barr and scumbag 4 using the federal judicial system 2 violate the constitutional rights of an American citizen. They r both equally filthy.

RVAT (republican voters against scumbag) Fool me once, shame on u. Fool me twice, shame on me.
6 short videos

part 2
VoteVets 1 min. Enemy

We r the worst. Fucking Brilliant. 5 min

part 3
Well, it turns out the federal employees that scumbag and our attorney general, the person in charge of the U.S. Justice Dept., bill barr, r sending 2 Portland and other cities, in large part, r not federal employees--they r mercenaries--employees of private 'security' contractors. The most well known is blackwater (it may go by another name now)--the infamous torturers of the Iraq war. The company is run by eric prince--the brother of billionaire secretary of education, betsy devoss. prince has had close ties 2 scumbag from campaign thru current.
No wonder the goons rn't properly trained and dn't follow the Constitution--especially, the 1st Amendment Also, interesting 2 c an application 4 a security position--no real qualifications necessary at $34 dollars an hour.
This entire administration, along with ass kissing republicans, r beyond contempt. Betcha eric prince is getting rich 'consulting' 4 scumbag and supplying 'security'. U better believe they all want 2 see scumbag reelected. He's the cash cow. An ever flowing supply of tax dollars and a corrupt piece of shit 2 make sure everybody gets a piece.

scumbag attacks The United States of America.

A federal judge issues a restraining order against his private army. Well, where 2 from here?

Who is scumbag? 30 sec ad

In defiance of scumbag, every MLB player took a knee. Dr. Fauci threw the 1st pitch.

Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV. Yikes! POTUS 4 min
and, Bill Kristol (conservative) tweet). Great thread.

Gestapo scumbag. !+ min ad. Awesome

Assigning blame. It ain't him, babe. 5 min

"They've been there 3 days. They've done a fantastic job. No problem". 2 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jul 24, 2020 2:46 pm

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Maxwell. ad 1 min

VoteVets ad. This is not the enemy 1 min.

Dr. fauci and his family now live with serious threats and must have extra security. The scumbag dregs factor. This is the stench of the scumbag slime trail he leaves wherever he goes or touches.

Portland last nite.

Author Don Winslow is coming 4 the scumbag. He is self funding. The only thing he asks is that u share his videos.
Oh, he made a point of saying, before he started writing books, he was a private detective. Interesting.

scumbag cancels the jacksonville convention bc it's not safe but he wants all the schools opened.

part 2
but, but, his moronic supporters say he's 'real'...

Look at this fucking shit!! Yes, it's scumbag's wet dream video game. Read the thread.

mxwell 2. What does she know? 1 min

This is what scumbag calls 'embers'. He's gonna put out the 'embers'. Remember? This I wanna c.

scumbag tries 2 reverse course and vicious threats against Dr Fauci scumbag's creation). 8 min

one of the others
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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 9:33 pm

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Author, Don Winslow. is, unabashedly, on a mission. He has stated he has quit writing and is self funding that mission. The only thing he asks is that his videos r shared. He wants everyone 2 c them. Also, interestingly enough, he has said b/4 he started writing, he was a private detective. Hmmm 2 min

Wall against scumbag. ad 1 min

Everything scumbag touches turns 2 shit. So goes Portland. Demonstrations were down 2 about 100 people a nite. Last nite the estimate was 4,000. 1st the wall of moms came out. Then, the wall of dads followed. Last nite, the wall of veterans presented. There isn't anything scumbag can't fuck up.
And, think about the millions of wasted tax dollars this charade is costing. I hope congress asks 2 c an accounting.

Yep, scumbag, with the help and backing of the slimy attorney general slob, bill barr, attacks the United States of America.

4 tweets

Here ya go. And, pence issuch a despicable, wormy lowlife.

Wall Against scumbag 1min

part 2
Ali Velshi calls it exactly like it is. scumbag wants 2 create a putin style police state. He started laying the ground work for his fascist state from day 1. He's a white nationalist and that's who he courted from day 1. Ya know, 'very fine ppl'. All this bullshit about anarchists, antifa, etc. is meant 2 scare people. How the hell that works so easily beats me. He is the enemy of the ppl. His white supremacist followers are the enemy of the ppl--the proud boys, the boogaloo boys, patriots yada yada, etc. From day 1, he has been this nations greatest security risk. He came in with a plan--an ambitious 1. It was 2 dismantle this democracy and install himself as high commander (think 3rd rock from the sun). Remember, he really is insane. he assembled his own army and he's way in tight with police depts nationwide. That would make far 2 many cops, police depts, police unions dirty. White supremacists started infiltrating the police 10 years ago.
How can ppl not see this? Beats me. 5 min.

The CDC guidelines for reopening the schools were very strict and they said they would not change them. But, they caved. scumbag hi-jacked the guidelines 2 meet his perceived political need. He believes opening the schools will help him win his election.
Rachael Maddow 2 videos 4 and 2 min
and, flunk scumbag 1 min

part 3
Andrew Yang: Economic uncertainty is a crisis on top of a crisis. 6+ min

Dictator or president. The answer is EZ. 1 min

republicans against scumbag ad. 1 min

scumbag and his slimy slob attorney general, bill barr lost this one. It was very obviously retaliation. Cohen refused 2 sign away his 1st Amendment rights. so, they put him back in jail. He was released Friday, as per ruling. scumbag and barr--corrupt as it gets. They violate the Constitution constantly.
Rachel Maddow 7 min

one of the others

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 3:40 pm

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America Wake Up 2 min
George Carlin from the. A thing of beauty.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 5:10 pm

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War crimes committed on U.S.citizens by scumbag's private army. This 2 satisfy the perverted and sadistic
sick ass poser in the oval office and his bloated, twisted SOB, lying slob attorney general, bill barr. Excellent thread.

This is not a test. ad 1 min

This buffoon clown is emblematic of everything, absolutely everything, that this creepy, vile, stupid lowlife loser, crybaby scumbag represents.

Antifascists linked 2 zero murders in the last 25 years.
So much 4 scumbag's antifa BS. It's his right wing confederate loving white nationalists, etc. that r the problem.

Here ya go. How stupid ppl r following a stupid buffon and destroying this country. 4 min

part 2
So, let's get this straight. And, obviously, the ugly sow, scumbag, can't even fake doing the right thing.

Hanna blows down scumbag's big, strong beautiful wall. 1 min

scumbag's private army war goons in all their fucking glory. U think the ppl of Portland r angry 4 no reason. These pieces of shit should not b there, but, guess what. The disgusting scumbag is sending more of his 'troops' 2 Portland. Read this thread.

Kaepernick, Fauci 2 receive Robert F. Kennedy human rights award.

Another doctor dies treating the sickest of covid patients so scumbag and his stupid, disgusting, deplorable liberty/ freedom, i got rights constitution, don't tread on me, jesus 'patriots' whiny babies can act out, prolong the pandemic, destroy this economy and continue 2 contribute 2 the demise of this country.

Can't b seen enough. 2 min

part 3
So, scumbag announced, publicly at a press meeting, that he would b throwing out the 1st ball 4 the Yankees in the middle of August. Then, he said he was 2 busy fighting covid 2 accept the offer. Suspicious? Yeah, totally. Well, guess what. He made it up. The twisted, sick ass, pathetic liar made it up! Surprised? Hardly. He lies about EVERYTHING--every MFing thing. He is so deranged. He is not only unfit 2 b a president--he is unfit 2 b a human being. What a solid ass POS! Incredibly hideous. Unfathomably foul. No Redeeming Qualities. NONE!
click on the link for the complete nonsense.

scumbag grifts--u die 1 min

It's not rain.

part 4
Seth Meyers 13 min

Oh, that pathetic, whiny cry baby, poop butt.

one of the others
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