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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:50 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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This guy is so Unbelievably Stuuuuupid. rump says he may pardon the late Muhammad Ali.

rump administration will no longer defend the Affordable Care Act (which is a law), also known as ObamaCare, because the head of the Department of Justice , jeff sessions, claims it unconstitutional. This is a departure from the norm, because the attorney general is supposed to defend federal law. sessions is kissing up to trump and 'carrying his water'.
and, the trump Attack on Pre-Existing Condtions/Health Care
and, cost of medical insurance will skyrocket in 2019.

rump does putin's work for him. rump's loyalty is to putin even before it is to the U.S.
and, from the peanut gallery (very wise MineralMan)
and, trump makes Russia's Dream Come True.

trump is what happens when republicans spend decades 'rebranding' Knowledge as Eliteism and Ignorance as Bliss.

rump runs the government like he ran/runs his business (5 Bankruptcies) Deficit Skyrockets to 530 Billion. Was
97 Billion Last Year. Are we tired of winning yet?

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:03 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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TYT: putin Owns trump 10 minutes

mark zuckerburg became a billionaire...

Rob Reiner tweet.

We're dealing with an idiot traitor. Bad combination for everyone--except putin. 3 minute video at bottom of article.

Like I said. The Wall Street Journal Demands the gop 'rein in' trump on trade before he Ruins the country. Looks like rump's lost that conservative group. Yeah, he's a total Loser.

Must be seen twitter video. trump was a scumbag outa the gate. He's the same conman, serial liar/cheat he's always been. Veteran sports reporter explains trump's decades long grudge against the NFL,and why everything he touches turns to "shit".
and, this is the article.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:00 am

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trump rips "meek and mild" PM Trudeau for criticizing tariffs.
No, Trudeau is polite, informed, educated, confident, a gentleman, and knows how to conduct himself in polite society and business. He, also, knows he is not the most important person in the world. trump Fails, miserably, in every one of the areas.
and, here's the Moronic tweet from dufus donnie two scoops. Read down a bit. It's pretty funny. Also, The point is made that the federal government (well, actually the taxpayer) subsidizes the dairy industry, so tariffs level the playing field. It's like china subsidizes steel and solar panels, and, as such, undercuts American made steel and solar panels.
Meek and mild, huh. Let's do the math. You be the judge.
A younger Justin Trudeau. 8 minutes
and, a younger rump. Cadet Bone Spurs
and, P.M.Trudeau, also, has a sense of humor. Another department were trump is Completely Lacking.

From Emmanuel Macron (retweeted)

Tweet from John McCain.

From Angela Merkel. Do you think baby boy donnie is holding his breath. You'd never be able to tell with all the Makeup he has Slathered all over his Face. What an Embarrassment. Don't get me started on that Ridiculous shit on his Head. SAD!

Head of Canada's auto parts industry mocks rump on threat of auto tariffs.

How to invent a fake scandal. 5 minutes
Fake--that's where rump shines.

The Current leaders of the free world.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:22 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
It is unbelievable so any Americans buy into the lies and histrionics of fox news. Is it purely stupidity?
18 minutes John Oliver: Stupid Watergate 2

Yep, he's a genius.

Uncensored Robert DeNiro: Fuck trump

Cry Baby trump 2 minutes
and, too funny--too true--too SAD!
and, tweet from Justify (the race horse)
and, tweet Disgraced us
Awesome Congressman Ted Lieu (Ca. D) levels rump's G7 Temper Tantrums with simple facts about tariffs 7 minutes

He's like Shit on your shoe.
and, excellent memes and twets from G7

When the U.S. sends it's people to Singapore

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:25 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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fox news,Shepard Smith: kim jung-un got it all. rump got nothing.

Trevor Noah 9 minutes

Seth Meyers 10 minutes
4 minutes
2 short videos w/ Jake Tapper
12 minutes

The nuclear threat was not from kim. The threat was from donnie. kim is a manic, but he's not a fool. rump is the danger because he is an Unhinged Fool.

How the hell did china know before it was announced? The U.S. military did not know, S. Korea did not know, Japan an Australia did not know (they participate in war exercises).

This will be cause for donnie two scoops to Fill his Pants. Avenatti was right, again.
and, michael cohen's attorneys are off the case. But, no worry. He's already hired their replacement. Looks like he's in good hands.

Awesome tweet from awesome Ted Lieu

Canadian Parliament Unanimously Condemns trump.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 5:34 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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Full Bill Maher Show. 55 minutes Will only be up a short while.

Full show Lawrence O'Donnell 44 minutes
rump: i did nothing wrong-- DoJ and manafort
Won'e be up long.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 2:00 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
As pathetic, cowardly, deranged, vile, twisted, sick, cruel, and a pathological serial liar as rump always has been, predictably, he is getting worse. And, he will get even worse. He's a dangerous, unhinged lunatic. 6 min.

Yes, from abhorrent to evil. Mike Malloy calls out rump for the monster he is. 13 minutes

Congressman Joe Kennedy: "These kids need to be with their parents".

fat boy says it's a law and democrats are responsible for that law. he is a fucking liar. It is not a law. He decreed this process of kidnapping children in April, and he could end this disgrace immediately--just like he started it immediately. Democrats, in any/no way, shape or form, have any thing to do with his decision to take these children. This whole shit is on him. The cow can not even defend his own decisions. He is a serial, pathological liar.
and, check out how he tries to cover this lie. This rancid slob will say any thing. rump says he dictated lie, but it doesn't matter. 34 seconds.

Lawrence O'Donnell is the best. He calls out that "craven" liar one more time. 6 minutes

Morning Joe goes off. Cast rump supporters in Idiocracy 2. 10 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:37 pm

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
N.Y. Times calls out rump for the lying liar he is. This punk will say absolutely anything and every thing to cover his fat, lying ass.

Tony Schwartz, the author of 'The At Of The Deal", wrote that book without any input from donald trump. As such, he created the illusion of donald trump. Reality is, rump is a figment of Schwartz's imagination, and rump stepped into that illusion and made it his/him. rump is a make believe reality figure who lives in a make believe world. rump is a weakling, but he wants, desperately, to be a 'tough guy'. That's why he is so drawn to putin, kim, and duarte. He even excuses their murderous ways (they are all wanton murderers) and sees being murderers as "very tough". rump has crossed over with his mental illness. It will get worse because republicans will do nothing, and god only knows the depth of depravity that aligns rump and his supporters. It will get worse.
Very good 8 minute video in this article.

4 short videos from Friday nights Bill Maher show.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:12 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
Seth Meyers: Lies About rump's Lies about Family Separtion at the border. 10 minutes
and, Canada legalizes Marijuana. 4 minutes

The Orange Puke has no idea WTF he's doing.
and, No System!!! Very good article.

rump's border policy is Big Money for contractors and nonprofits.

Wanda Sykes responds to ivanka rump praising her father for trying to repair the border disaster he created.
Tell it, Wanda.

Samantha Bee 2 videos about 8 minutes each. She's awesome.

Baby boy, donnie two scoops, is one Major Classless Act. A Real Low Life Slob.

rump meme

Care manager previously arrested for child pornography. How many more are there?

Too late for many children?
and, judge explodes over Missing Children.

Homeland secretary Lies, Lies, Lies. 10 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:15 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
As usual, Rachael Maddow connects all the dots and shines light on the complete Incompetency, Irresponsibility, and Callous Disregard rump and his minions have for these refugees, adults and Children from Central America. Should be seen. 45 minutes Won't be up long

Seth Meyers 10 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:15 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
Somebody bought trumphotels.org

rump's hardcore base. These guys really are deplorable.
This is what this Scumbag encourages.
and, What is wrong with these people? Sad! rump rallies. Deplorable language from some really disturbed rump fans. rump feeds this Beast and he loves it. What rump has done in a year, putin could not do in 30 years. 5 minutes https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017497836

The fucking Hypocrite. America first--not so much. The rules are different for him and his disgusting family.

Of course the children are being drugged and abused.

sarah hamhock kicked out of restaurant--Refused Service for Moral Reasons. Yay!!

Bernie Sanders: The truth about that rump/ryan/gop tax Scam. How many of you got your $4,000 a year raise? How many of you bought into that shit?

The truth about The Racist Ghoul, stephen miller, a rump advisor. Even his own family publicly disagree with his policies. miller worked for sessions before rump. so, that Racist brought this Racist into this Racist's (rump) administration.

London gets ready for rump's visit. They hate him.

Finally, somebody in the media speaks out and call trump tv (fox news) what it is: Propaganda,Iignorant, and Stupid. Stephanie Ruhle has been especially awesome lately. 7 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:39 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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WOW! Frank Schaeffer says it totally like it really is. This scumbag in the white house is, layer by layer, destroying the very fabric of this county and has every intent of making vladimir putin's dream of destroying democracy around the world come true. This is one sick, twisted puppy. AND, He's gonna get worse. He is very dangerous, and the pussy republican party is in lockstep with him or only care about one thing. That would be either their job or their (republican) party. Save the world. Vote every republican out in November and let the republican party start over from scratch.
trump is filling the courts (life time positions) with young, evangelical nut jobs who only live for the rapture. They don't care about this country. The only othe country in the world they care about is israel.
Frank Scheaffer knows plenty about evangelicals nutz.

Bill Maher: 5 short videos from last night's program.

John Dean Tweet

"We'll never have the smart, elite people on our side"--as per fucking ric santorum. Unbelievable! Unimaginable!
This is a large part of rump's base. This is truly despicable. 9 minutes Mostly a repeat post. Try and wrap your brain around these hateful, ignorant, dumb fucks.

Hambome huck sanders denied service. They entered the restaurant, the staff called the owner at home, the owner hurried to the restaurant and took apoll with staff. Serve or ask to leave. Staff said leave. owner took shs aside and asked her/them to leave. min.

Conservative columnist says it was the right thing to do. Owner is a decent human being.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 12:48 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
rump's world: totally spot on. 4 minutes

Bill Maher: Full Show, just under 1 hour. You can scan through the parts you've see if you watched what I posted earlier. The stuff in between is well worth seeing. Don't know how long it will be up.

Michael Avenatti puts a human face on rump's child kidnapping (photo provided by whistle blower).

CNN w/ George Takei 7 minutes

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one of the others
Post Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2018 5:51 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
Posts: 3749
Trevor Noah: 2 videos 7 and 4 minutes
The Absurdity of the low life, classless, village idiot Bozo the clown, cesspool supposed prez. Vile, Pathetic, SAD!

Seth Meyers 10 minutes
This Bloated, Flabby, doughy boy never boom boomed anybody. He's a poser. That's why he surrounds himself with, as he perceives, tough guys. And, watch him work the room. All show.

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one of the others
Post Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:36 am

Joined: 14 Apr 2013
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So, hambone huckabee s. is politely taken aside in a small restaurant and asked to leave--they preferred not to serve her in their restaurant on moral grounds; you know, like a baker refusing a gay couple service on moral grounds or someone who has no problem defending a lying sack of shit, racist kidnapper--someone who ripped babies and kids away from parents (kids too young to speak or kids who don't speak english) and then moved them (by night) all around the country and then put them, in what is essentially, jail. hambone and party are compted the cheese plate they had been served. So, then the porker gets on her government twitter account and tweets out what a great person she is and what bad guys they are (probably an ethics violation to use government twitter). Poor, whiny, poop butt baby.
So now,the political left in accused of incivility. Can you imagine that she finds that not civil when she works
for this hideous lowlife that is an insult to everything in every way on a daily basis. He makes fun of disabled people, calls people names, and tries to intimidate constantly. She (hambone) lies daily to the American people daily to support this horrendous slob, and in doing so is constantly rude and condescending.
Now, rump's supporters are making threats and attacking wrong restaurants over the east coast.
Here are some clips of civil hambone--NOT.
and, Here's a facebook post from Dan Rather about incivility.
So, in defending hambone, dufus gets on twitter and slanders the restaurant. The restaurant is well maintained on, both, the inside and the outside and has no violation history. It's a darling looking place. Of course. the lying liar, lies. And, an American president should not try and hurt any American business. What a scumbag.
But, the orange sow overlooks the many violations at his restaurants. Just at mar-a-lago alone there have been 78 violations in the last three years (some very serious violations).
As you can see in this short video the restaurant (The Red Hen) does not need painting and and the outside is immaculately clean--and so is the inside. He should be sued. Where is Michael Avenatti? Right now, He's busy on the border, but the slander looks like a slam dunk. rump the fool is such a disaster.

In the real world, kin jung un 1--rump 0.

A Dangerous, Sick, Imbecilic Conman 5 minutes

Trevor Noah: 2 short Videos Excellent

Seth Meyers 12 minutes Excellent

rump has never, in any way, promoted violence.

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